Photography by Chip Ross, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Bates

A dynamic subject, with connections to many disciplines, mathematics is an integral part of a liberal arts education, and is increasingly vital in understanding science, technology, and society. Entry-level courses introduce students to basic concepts and hint at some of the power and beauty behind these fundamental results. Upper-level courses and the capstone experience provide majors with the opportunity to explore mathematical topics in greater depth and sophistication, and to delight in the fascination of this important discipline.

Visiting Assistant Professor Martin Montgomery’s Differential Equations class (Math 219) visited Baxter Brewery January 29th as part of an ongoing collaboration between Baxter and Bates.  In the Differential Equations course, students study how to make predictions based upon some measured change.  Baxter has an interest in understanding how populations of yeast change in their beer.  With help from Assistant Professor Colleen O’Loughlin’s biochemistry (Chem 322) students and the Harward Center, Bates and Baxter search for solutions together!

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