Job Opportunities

There are many math jobs available for current students and recent grads.  Read on!

At Bates

Math Camp Teaching Assistant – the Mathematics Department typically hires 1-2 students to work as TAs for Math s21 during Short Term.  Each February, an email is sent out to the list of math majors and math minors advertising the position for the upcoming Short Term and describing the details of the application process. For more information, contact the Mathematics Department.

Grader  – The Mathematics Department often hires graders for a variety of courses.  Inquiries should be directed to the Mathematics Department academic administrative assistant.

Tutor – The Mathematics & Statistics Workshop hires students to work as math or quantitative reasoning tutors.  Click here to apply to be a tutor.  Or, for more information, contact  the Director of the Math and Statistics Workshop.

Summer research or internships, and post-college careers

American Mathematics Society’s list of resources for undergrads

National Science Foundation’s list of mathematics REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates)

Mathematics Association of America’s list of Career Profiles