Academic program

Professors Greer, Salerno, and Wong; Associate Professor Ott (chair); Assistant Professors Sanogo and Storch: Visiting Assistant Professors Martínez-Rivera, Montgomery and Sheydvasser; Visiting Instructor Balcomb; Lecturer Coulombe

A dynamic subject, with connections to many disciplines, mathematics is an integral part of a liberal arts education, and is increasingly vital in understanding science, technology, and society. Entry-level courses introduce students to basic concepts and hint at some of the power and beauty behind these fundamental results. Upper-level courses and the capstone experience provide majors with the opportunity to explore mathematical topics in greater depth and sophistication, and to delight in the fascination of this important discipline.

The department assists students planning to study mathematics in choosing an appropriate starting course. Based on a student’s academic background and skills, the department recommends a 100-level course, MATH 205, MATH 206, or a more advanced course. For students unsure whether to start in MATH 105, 106, or beyond, the department recommends taking the online placement examination.

The mathematics department offers a major and a minor in mathematics. More information on the mathematics department is available on the website (