Selecting Later Courses

The following are course-selection topics we have discussed with many students.

Math Camp, for students considering the math major

All math majors take MATH s21, a Short Term course affectionately known as “Math Camp,” which teaches how to think like a mathematician and is a prerequisite to some required higher level courses. It’s best to take this class at the end of your first year.

Courses outside the Mathematics Department that can count toward the math major

According to the College Catalog: “One elective may also be replaced by a departmentally approved course from another department.” The following courses have been approved as electives for the major:

  • ECON 255: Econometrics
  • PHYS 301: Mathematical Methods of Physics

To emphasize, just one of these courses may be used toward the math major. A student may petition the Department for approval of a different course.  Courses without a mathematics designation, including ECON 255 and PHYS 301, cannot count toward the math minor.

Scheduling around student teaching

There are particular issues for students seeking certification to teach mathematics in secondary school. The following scheduling issues are of particular importance, since student teaching takes place in the Winter Semester and requires three course credits in the Education Department.

  • The Mathematics major requires that each major successfully complete 309 Abstract Algebra. We teach this course only during the Winter Semester. Because it is often not possible to take 309 at the same time as student teaching, students wishing to student teach should complete 309 during the Winter Semester of sophomore or junior year.
  • The Mathematics major also requires that each major have a capstone experience. The best options for student teachers are typically a one-semester thesis completed in the Fall, or the Senior Seminar. When a student teacher will take the Senior Seminar, the department takes care to schedule the Senior Seminar at a time that least conflicts with student teaching.