Bedlam & Eunoia: Genre-bending jazz mixed with world music, odd meters, classical, and film score influence. Ranging from the tender to the fervorous; intimate, emotional music.

Formed in April 2017, the group draws on Michael Beling’s unique compositional style, jazz training, and ability to play pedal bass and piano simultaneously, paired with Eric LaPerna’s extensive knowledge of Middle Eastern percussion, and Barry Saunder’s serious jazz and classical experience on clarinet and saxophone. The musicians demonstrate a highly symbiotic and sensitive rapport, and their history and ease of playing together is readily apparent.

Bedlam /ˈbedləm/


1. a place, scene, or state of uproar and confusion

2. an asylum for the mentally ill

Eunoia /juːˈnɔɪ.ə/

noun (From the Ancient Greek: εὔνοιᾰ, lit. ‘well mind; beautiful thinking’)

1. (rhetoric) Goodwill towards an audience, either perceived or real

2. (medicine, psychology) A state of normal adult mental health.

Michael Beling- piano, bass pedals, composer

Barry Saunders- clarinet, saxophone

Eric LaPerna- hand percussion