Applied Music

Fall 2020 Update: Applied Music lessons will take place over the course of the full semester. All woodwind, brass, and voice lessons will be conducted remotely. In-person lessons may be available for other instruments, at the discretion of the instructor and contingent on the availability of a safe teaching space. As we determine the appropriate social distancing protocol, we will be in touch about the instruction mode of these lessons. In the meantime, please email Liz Petley with any questions.

Bates offers private lessons on a wide variety of instruments (see below).  Instruction may be available in other classical, jazz, folk, and non-Western instruments when demand exists.

Receive academic credit for your private lesson

Students are given Applied Music course credit for individual instructions, exploring the literature for voice or a solo instrument through weekly instruction. Problems of performance practice, style, form, and technique are emphasized equally.  One-half credit is granted upon completion of every semester of MUS 270. The course may be repeated for a maximum of four course credits. Students register for the section(s) corresponding to the instrument(s) they are studying. A special fee of $320 per semester is charged for each course. Open to first-year students. Lessons are offered in the Fall and Winter terms.

Lessons not for academic course credit are scheduled and paid for through individual arrangements with instructors.


Lesson Attendance

Students are expected to attend all lessons. You are expected to give your Applied Music instructor advance notice if you are unable to attend your lesson due to sickness or an emergency. If a sickness or an emergency occurs on the day of your lesson and you cannot reach your instructor, you should contact the Olin Operations Supervisor Alexandra Hood as soon as possible at (207) 786-6135. Failure to notify your instructor or Alexandra will result in an unexcused absence. Make up lessons are up to the discretion of the instructor. Unexcused absences may result in receiving a lower grade. More than three unexcused absences will result in a failing grade.

Concert Attendance

Students who take Applied Music lessons must attend at least three concerts during the term. This co-requisite comprises 15% of the applied music grade.

Any concert presented by the Music Department or the Olin Concert Series will satisfy this requirement.  To guarantee a seat at any concert, please reserve a ticket ahead of time at  To receive credit for attendance, you must turn in your Bates ID card during the concert. It will be available for pick up immediately following the performance. View upcoming concerts here.

Non-Bates concerts may count toward the concert requirement with approval from your instructor. The Applied Music instructor must email Liz Petley ( with the approved concert information. The student must then write a half page summary (12 pt, Times New Roman, double spaced) that includes the following:

  1. A copy of the program
  2. Why you decided to attend the concert
  3. How it relates to your Applied Music study


Every student enrolled in Applied Music is required to perform a jury at the end of the term. Juries are typically scheduled on the Monday of exam week for both fall and winter semesters. Students who perform a recital or other major solo performance and demonstrate progress in their applied music lessons may be excused from the jury. A jury exemption form must be signed by your Applied Music instructor and submitted to Alexandra Hood in Olin 205.

Students will present a list of all music studied during the year and will be prepared to perform for approximately ten minutes. Performance from memory (no music) is encouraged. Students are expected to discuss the music performed: its composer and history, its form and style, and the interpretative decisions they have made.

When the music requires accompaniment, the Department will not hear a jury without it. Students should find accompanists as soon as they begin work on pieces and should begin rehearsing with their accompanists as soon as they are able to. They should arrange to perform with the accompanists at their lessons long before their juries.

Applied Music instructors are encouraged, whenever possible, to attend their students’ juries.


The fee for Applied Music lessons is $320 per semester, for eleven lessons. The College contributes the remainder of the cost for each student.


Students may withdraw from the course during the normal withdrawal period, but may be subject to a charge even if they do not complete the course. Students who withdraw before the last day to drop will be charged $58 per lesson received prior to dropping Applied Music. For example, if you receive two lessons prior to dropping, you will be charged $116 ($58 x 2 lessons). Students who withdraw after the last day to drop will be charged the full $320. To withdraw from the course, students must both drop the course on Garnet Gateway and notify Liz Petley (

LAST DAY TO ADD: September 9, 2020
If you add after this date, you will be subject to a late fee.

LAST DAY TO DROP: September 24, 2020
If you drop the course after this date, you will be charged the full $320 fee.
You will be charged $58 per lesson for any lessons taken before this date.



Students may take Applied Music lessons for .5 credits in the Fall and Winter terms. Applied Music lessons for credit are not offered during short term.

How to register for lessons
  1. Contact your desired Applied Music instructor to schedule your lessons, using the contact information listed below. Enrollment is limited based on instructor availability.
  2. Register on Garnet Gateway for the instrument according to the course number listed below.
    • Courses with an asterisk require instructor permission. Students must contact Liz Petley ( for permission before registering. Instructor permission does not automatically enroll a student in the course. Once permission is granted, students will still need to register on Garnet Gateway.
    • From September 2 – September 9, 2020, all students will need to contact Liz Petley for permission before registering. Once permission is granted, students will still need to register on Garnet Gateway. After September 9, 2020, students will be subject to a late fee.
  3. Submit a signed copy of the Applied Music Policy (below) to your instructor.




To discuss or schedule lessons, contact your Applied Music instructor by using the emails listed below.

For any additional questions, please contact the Liz Petley, Administrative Manager of Applied Music at, (207) 786-8212, or in Olin Arts Center 211.


270A Banjo Eli Gilbert
270AA Sitar* David Pontbriand
270B Bass Stuart Gurley
270C Bassoon Tim Ebersold
270CC Trombone Alan Carr
270D Cello Christina Chute
270DD Trumpet John Furman
270E Bass Trombone Alan Carr
270EE Ukulele Seth Warner
270F Clarinet Carol Furman
270FF Viola Robert Dan
270G Hand Drums Eric LaPerna
270GG Violin Dean Stein
270H Double Bass Stuart Gurley

John Corrie

Jazmin DeRice

Joelle Morris

Ed Reichert

Luette Saul

270I Drum Set Mark Macksoud
270J Euphonium Alan Carr
270JJ Arabic Nay Maria Wagner
270K Flute Krysia Tripp
270KK Orch. Percussion Greg Simonds
270L Fiddle Erica Shipman
270M French Horn Margie Landis
270N Mandolin Seth Warner
270P Harpsicord John Corrie
270Q Lute Seth Warner
Classical Guitar Ken Labrecque

Seth Warner
270S Jazz Guitar Ken Labrecque
270T Middle Eastern Percussion Eric LaPerna
270U Oboe Kookie McNerney
270V Organ John Corrie
Classical Piano* Bridget Convey

John Corrie

Chiharu Naruse
Jazz Piano

Michael Beling

Stuart Gurley

Chris Klaxton



*Requires instructor permission to register. Letters A/B/C/D denotes multiple sections.