Professor Chapman; Associate Professors Fatone and Miura (chair); Assistant Professor Tamirisa; Visiting Lecturer Morris

The Department of Music gives students the opportunity to study music from cultural, historical, theoretical, psychological, creative, and interpretive perspectives, including study of Western and non-Western classical, popular, and experimental musical traditions. Most of the courses offered are suitable for general liberal arts students. Music majors and minors have the opportunity to pursue individual interests in depth. In recent years, students have completed interdisciplinary and double-major programs including substantial work in music.

MUS 101, 103, 110, 203, 212, 248, and 249—courses introducing musical traditions and concepts—are open to all students without prerequisite. MUS 231 is the beginning course in music theory; students considering a major or minor in music should take it as early as possible. Students seeking to begin course work in music theory (MUS 110 or 231) should contact the chair of the music department to arrange a placement exam by the beginning of the semester. MUS 218, DC/MU 219, and MUS 235 are introductory courses in composition. MUS 270, private instruction in vocal or instrumental performance, is open to first-year students with permission of the instructor. MUS 290 (Musical Ensemble Performance) is open to any student who qualifies to participate in one of the department’s faculty-directed performing organizations: the American String Band, College Choir, College Orchestra, Gamelan Ensemble, Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, and Steel Pan Orchestra.

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