Video: Bates and Bowdoin team up to honor the late Marsha Graef

In their first weekend of play, the Bates and Bowdoin women’s basketball teams will find common ground on their home courts of Alumni Gym and Morrell Gym.

The two programs are co-hosting the first Graef Memorial Classic, a tip-off tourney with games at each college that honors the memory of Marsha Graef, the revered Bates volleyball and women’s basketball head coach who died in November 2015.

The Bates and Bowdoin head coaches are on the same page when it comes to Graef’s legacy.

“Adrienne and I have had a lot of conversations about her love for Bates and what an amazing community it is, and I think Marsha instilled a lot of that,” says Bates head coach Alison Montgomery, a 2005 Bowdoin graduate.

“The most important ways that Marsha influenced me had very little to do with X’s and O’s and more to do with empowering young women,” said Bowdoin head coach Adrienne Shibles ’91, a 1,000-point scorer who played for Graef. “I keep Marsha in my heart as I step on that court each and every day.”



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