2026 Families: Supporting your student’s well-being

This Sept. 20, 2022, webinar for new Bates families included panelists from the following campus departments:

This webinar is password protected, and the password was sent to all incoming families whether they registered for the webinar or not. 

To request that we resend the password, please email parents@bates.edu.

Are the CAPS clinical support groups short-term or long-term? Can you give more info about what types of groups are available? 

Clinical groups will be offered on a weekly basis for 8 sessions for a core number of students (usually between 6-8 students). Groups will run for Fall semester and then be reoffered in the Spring.

This link shares the types of groups and support spaces being offered: www.bates.edu/counseling-psychological-services/#groups-and-support-spaces-for-fall-2022

Do the student support services help with time management skills?

There are great supports in this area through the Academic Resource Commons: www.bates.edu/academic-resource-commons/learning-strategies-2/ 

How do students figure out who their student support person is?

Students can sign into Bates Reach using their standard Bates College username and password. On Bates Reach, students can find their “Network” where their Student Support Advisor (SSA) is located.

Where do we find out more about the Multifaith Chaplaincy programs? 

Pause and Hearth are the two mentioned this evening, plus we have a lot of other programs that pop up throughout the year: www.bates.edu/multifaith/connect/ 

My first year has reported issues with dorm fire alarms. What can be done?

While safety is our primary concern, we know this can be frustrating. If a student is concerned, please have them reach out to the Res Life team at housing@bates.edu

How can our student initiate a FERPA waiver?

Students can set their FERPA releases via their Garnet Gateway account. If students wish to sign a waiver so that their health information can be shared with their parents, they can find that document in the “Forms” tab of the Bates Health Service site.

Do you have an emergency texting alert system? 

We do have an emergency alert system that sends text messages along with other types of alerts. We send what is called a brief and timely warning when there is a threat to the community and specific actions are recommended. That message goes to those who are on campus – faculty, staff, and students – so that they can quickly respond.

Additional resources mentioned in the webinar:

Accessing health services after hours or on weekends

Scheduling a CAPS appointment

Campus Safety

Parent version of Bates Today

Student Affairs dedicated mailbox: studentaffairs@bates.edu