Residence Life

Mission Statement

The goal of the Residence Life program at Bates College is to foster residential communities that support our students’ personal growth through critical thinking, and social and intellectual engagement beyond the classroom. The dynamic role that residential living plays in Bates students’ lives serves as a integral component of the educational mission of the college. Our student Residence Life Staff work in various roles to facilitate a strong sense of community among our student residents, whether in the smallest houses or the largest residence halls on campus.

Junior Advisor

Junior Advisors (JAs) live in and work within First Year Centers comprised of 12-20 First Year residents. JAs introduce incoming students to the positive aspects of residence life at Bates. JAs serve as mentors to their residents as they transition into college life and begin the process of becoming part of the broader academic and social community.

Residence Coordinator

Residence Coordinators (RCs) work within upper-class buildings and houses to promote and maintain the positive residential experiences of our upper-class students. RCs offer a variety of residence-specific programming for the students in their buildings and serve as a connection to campus resources.

Residence Coordinator Team Leader/Community Leader

Residence Coordinator Team Leaders (RCTLs) are experienced Residence Life staff members who each serve as the RC of an upper-class residence as well the Team Leader for a group of JAs. RCTLs work in an advisory and support capacity with JAs within First Year buildings to assist in fostering a positive First Year living experience and to connect First Year students with upper-class students.

Frye Street Union Programming Coordinator

The Frye Street Union Programming Coordinator (FPC) is dedicated to maintaining consistent programming throughout each semester, utilizing Frye Street Union as an active programming space. In addition to supporting a complete programming model, the FPC acts as the RC for Frye Street Union’s upper-class residents.

Residence Life Applications for All Positions

Detailed descriptions for all Residence Life positions can be found by clicking on the above headings. Each position page also features an “Apply Here” link where you can learn more about the application process, deadlines, and sign up to receive notifications about the application process throughout the year.

The JARC Staff provides the community with robust programming focused on topics such as community engagement, late night programming, sexual respect, and relationship building. These programs allow students to participate actively in their residence in an engaged and meaningful way. In addition to fostering a tight-knit community, JARC Staff members grow on an individual level both personally and professionally.