Academic Lineage: Katherine M. Mathis

A person’s academic lineage is a sequence of individuals and their dissertation advisors in reverse chronological order.


Katherine M. Mathis
Ph.D.: 1998, University at Albany, SUNY
Jeanette Altarriba
Ph.D.: 1990, Vanderbilt University
Timothy P. McNamara
Ph.D.: 1984, Yale University
Robert J. Sternberg
Ph.D.: 1975, Stanford University
Gordon H. Bower
Ph.D.: 1959, Yale University

Frank A. Logan
Ph.D.: 1951, University of Iowa
Neal E. Miller
Ph.D.: 1935, Yale University
Kenneth W. Spence
Ph.D.: 1933, Yale University
Walter R. Miles
Ph.D.: 1913, University of Iowa
Robert M. Yerkes
Ph.D.: 1902, Harvard University
Carl E. Seashore
Ph.D.: 1895, Yale University

Hugo Münsterberg
Ph.D.: 1885, University of Leipzig

E. W. Scripture
Ph.D.: 1891, University of Leipzig

Wilhelm Wundt
M.D.: 1855, Heidelberg University