Hardware Specs

The Leavitt cluster consists of 9 Dell PowerEdge R6525 compute nodes; 1 Dell PowerEdge R7525 GPU Node with 2 graphical processing units; and 1 Dell PowerEdge R7525 head node. Each compute node has 512GB of memory and dual AMD 7763 processors with 64 cores running at 2.45GHz for a total of 1152 cores.

The GPU node has 512 GB of memory, dual AMD 7763 2.45 Ghz processors, and 2 Nvidia A100 80GB PCIe graphical processing units.

The head node has 84 terabytes of disk storage, which is shared among the compute nodes. The compute nodes are also connected by an NVIDIA QM8700 HDR100 InfiniBand switch, which provides very high speed network access (200 gigabits/second) between each member in the cluster.


Student users of the Leavitt cluster automatically receive 100GB of storage in their home directory (faculty users receive no quota), available on all cluster nodes. This is your initial working directory when you login to the cluster (/home/USERNAME), and is the main location for short-term data storage for use on the cluster. Storage here is backed up daily; however, storage on compute nodes (e.g. in /var/tmp or /tmp folders) is not, so users should be sure to save job output to another directory once their job is completed.

Storage in your home directory is intended for active use on the cluster— it’s not an appropriate place to save your project data long-term. For long-term storage, please transfer your files to the Bates network drive Etna or your preferred alternative such as Google Drive. The advantage of using Etna is that it can be accessed easily from Leavitt. See FAQ section for more information.