In 2009, Bates established an Energy Task Force to reduce campus energy consumption and contain rising utility costs.

The Energy Taskforce identifies, prioritizes, and implements projects and policies to improve energy efficiency and conservation in existing buildings on campus.

The task force is a boots-on-the-ground group, comprised primarily of Facility Services staff who work directly with the mechanical, plumbing, lighting, and heating infrastructure on campus to ensure that it runs efficiently and effectively, and staff and faculty who are interested in working with the campus community to use energy more sustainably. The group also welcomes participation from students. It’s a great way to learn about the nuts and bolts of energy.


Interested in what the Energy Task Force has been up to? Click on the links below to see the kinds of projects implemented in recent years.



Since the creation of the Taskforce, the college has been extremely successful at reducing energy consumption and costs. From fiscal year 2009 through fiscal year 2012, both approved utility budgets and actual expenditures for energy decreased annually. Over these three years, the college saved over $773,000 and spent $1.9M less on energy than was originally planned in 2007.


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