Honors Thesis

Honors requires a two-semester project through Theater 457 and 458, and an oral examination by faculty members and an outside evaluator.

Participation in the honors program is by The Learned Ladies - Photo by Phylis Graber Jenseninvitation of the theater faculty. The fact that a student meets minimum standards is no guarantee that he or she will be invited to pursue honors. The faculty reserves the right to exercise its judgment in each case. The following are minimum objective criteria for such an invitation.

Overall grade-point average: 3.30   Departmental average: 3.70

For Honors in Acting

Major roles in at least two Bates productions (exclusive of directing-class shows), at least one of which must have been faculty-directed; distinguished work in at least one acting course beyond Beginning Acting.

For Honors in Directing

Distinguished work in THEA 370, and at least one additional production directed under departmental auspices.

For Honors in Design

Distinguished work in the relevant design courses, and design work on at least two productions at Bates, at least one of which must have been faculty-directed.

For Honors in History, Literature, And Criticism

Distinguished work in the relevant courses at Bates, including a demonstrated ability to write vivid, coherent English.

For Honors in Playwriting

Successful completion of at least two one-act plays, or one full-length play before senior year.

For Honors in Performance Art

Distinguished work in THEA 227, at least one additional production directed under departmental auspices, and a substantial document on the work created.

For All Honors Theses

A substantial section (i.e., 25-50 pages) of the written portion must address scholarly, historical, and theoretical questions.


Guidelines for The Written Portion of Performance Theses

1. Every performance thesis (in acting, directing, design, dance, stage management, performance art) will have a written component.

2. The thesis project comprises the written portion and the performance.

3. The written component will comprise, as appropriate, some or all of the following: script analysis, character analysis, process analysis, journal entries tracking the progress of the project, research placing the project in historical and theoretical context.

4. For honors theses in acting, directing, and design one of the two semesters should be given over to script and character analysis.

5. For honors theses in design, the first semester should also include appropriate visual research and development, including sketches.

6. For honors theses, the written portion will count for 25% of the thesis project.

7. The Bates College honors guidelines state that the thesis counts for 60% of the honors award, while the oral examination counts for 40%. Thus, the written portion of the honors thesis counts for 25% of 60%—i.e. 15% overall.

8. The length of the written portion will vary, with 25 pages as a minimum.

9. For honors theses in which the performance is in the second semester, the writing completed in the first semester-together with second semester revisions and additions-is to be submitted in time to be read by the members of the honors panel-i.e., about 10 days before the first performance.

10. For honors theses in which the performance is in the first semester, the written portion is to be submitted in the second semester by the deadline determined by the honors committee.

11. All production/performance theses will include a retrospective discussion of the project written after the production process has concluded.