Department Goals and Objectives


1) To engage students in the collaborative process.

2) To strengthen students creative skills in live performance through the study of craft and technique.

3) To engage critical studies and histories of dance, theater and performance with rigor and curiosity.

4) To create unique, challenging and diverse live performance and share them with our community.



To achieve these goals, students will:

  • Study and practice methodologies for translating written text into live performance.
  • Read, analyze and write about dramatic literature and critical theory.
  • Study the fundamentals of acting, directing, design, and theater technology.
  • Learn the vocabulary and practice methods of respectful critique and evaluation of live performance.
  • Participate in the rehearsal and performance process, and learn the relationships and responsibilities of all collaborators; develop professional habits.
  • Identify areas of specific interest and delve into advanced study of those fields.



To achieve these goals, students will:

  • demonstrate a nuanced understanding of collaboration in the creative process through leadership, participation and reflection.
  • develop a multifaceted physicality through training in dance techniques.
  • apply a variety of value systems, aesthetics, and approaches to performing.
  • learn the vocabulary and practice methods of respectful critique and evaluation.
  • integrate an understanding of cultural context into creative and scholarly research.
  • demonstrate clear and convincing academic writing in the field.
  • nurture inclusive community through dance.



Through course work and involvement in production, students

  • Will learn the values and methods of artistic collaboration;
  • Will be prepared to enter the professional world of the performing arts, or to pursue graduate study in theater, dance, or other fields in the humanities;
  • Will be equipped for a wide variety of careers—such as business, law, or teaching—that require collaborative effort, public poise, imagination, and a broad background in the liberal arts.