Beyond the Bates Bubble


Periodically during the academic year, the department hosts informal conversations over dinner with working theater or dance artists. Known as Bubble Dinners, they provide students a preview of life as an artist outside the protective bubble of the Bates. Sometime these guests are well established and award winning artists, and at other times they are young, emerging artists or alumni reporting back on their successes and giving inspiration to the soon to be graduated. These events are open to the entire campus community. A partial list of past speakers include: Dawn MacAndrews, Art Director Theater at Monmouth; Kevin Adams, lighting designer; Peter Richards, director, Simon Harding, designer; Thomas Wesson ‘09, actor; Molly Pearson, producer; Justin Townsend, designer.

Previous guests include

Emma Goidel

Melinda Lopez

Elizabeth Carlson-Guerin

Peter Richards

Clifford Odle

John Cariani

Sean Dorsey

Andrew Haserlat ’05

Carolyn Faye Kramer

Molly Coogan ’05 and Stephen Brackett

Marlon Barrios Solano

Sara Juli

Andy Bragen and Andy Grotelueschen

Tyler Micoleau

Simon Harding

Justin Townsend

Alexis Iammarino & Andy White

Urban Bush Women

Kevin Adams

Blake Segal

Justin Reichman

Thomas Wesson ’09

Timothy Lea

The Duplicates

Andrew Adams ’99

Aquila Theater Company

Molly Pearson

Headlong Dance Theater

Robin Sanders

Jessica DiGiovanni

Kendra Portier

Dawn McAndrews

Anita Stewart

Alice Reagan ’97