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Performance/Production/Playwriting Requirements

Thesis work in these areas is by invitation of the departmental faculty only. Meeting the following requirements doesn’t guarantee invitation. They’re the minimum expectations which must be fulfilled to be eligible for a thesis in these fields.

Students who are invited to work on a thesis in acting, directing, or design will be invited to complete a specific project designated by the department. For example, a student won’t be invited to do an “acting thesis.” Instead, the student will be asked to play a specific role in a specific production. For directing, a student will be invited to direct a specific play. For design, the student will be invited to accomplish the design for a specific production. Students who decline these specific invitations may be ineligible to complete a thesis in these fields.

Acting Thesis Requirements

  • Course work: THEA 261, THEA 263, THEA 362
  • Production work: Two major roles in faculty-directed productions at Bates.

Design Thesis Requirements

  • Course work: THEA 130 plus one additional course in design.
  • Production work: Major production responsibility for one faculty-directed production at Bates; stage management of one department production.

Directing Thesis Requirements

  • Course work: THEA 261, THEA 370
  • Production work: One production directed at Bates for credit as a THEA 360 in Theater after successfully completing THEA 370; stage management of one department production.

Playwriting Thesis Requirements

  • Course work: THEA 240, THEA 339.  Additional work: One completed script.
  • Production work: stage management or serve as dramaturge for one department production.

Dance Thesis Requirements

  • Course work: DANC 250, DANC 251, DANC 252, DANC 253, and DANC s29, plus a minimum of three years of dance technique and performance.
  • Additional work: Choreograph, a minimum of one piece for performance after successful completion ofDANC 251.

History, Literature, Criticism

  • Course work: THEA 101, THEA 200, 2 additional courses in Dramatic Literature or Theory.
  • Production work: completion of production credits.