Welcome!  The Department of Theater and Dance welcomes all members of the Bates Community – students, faculty and staff, as well as our neighbors in the wider community – to audition for any creative project in our season. No matter your level of experience. 

We believe that the audition experience, in and of itself, is extremely rewarding and applaud anyone who comes in and tries it out.  Whether you have done a Broadway touring show or this is your first time auditioning, we want to meet you.  We view auditions as an opportunity for you to interact with the Bates Community, explore this art form, and to engage in the process of theater making with our Department in a safe and welcoming environment.

Some questions you may have:

When do auditions for Bates productions take place?
Usually within the first week at the start of each semester.  Prior to that audition posters will be displayed across campus with information that you can access via QR code.

Who can audition?
You can!

How do I sign-up?
No prior sign up is required.  We do encourage that if you have any questions beforehand, to reach out to the director or Department Chair.  

What should I prepare for the auditions?
We want you to be comfortable and preparation is often the key to a fun and more enjoyable audition experience.  Prior to the audition we will offer you access to the play, a casting breakdown and some background materials that we encourage you to look at by scanning the QR code on the poster or emailing the director/advisor.  Nothing memorized is required.  

What should I expect at the audition?
When you enter, everyone from the Department/auditioning team will introduce themselves.  The director will then share what they are looking for and usually lead a warmup.  You will then receive a side (a 1-2 page excerpt from the play) from the play and be paired with a partner.  You’ll have time to go off and work on it together before being called in.  Once in, you’ll try it out a couple of times with the director usually offering an adjustment that they would like you to explore.  

We encourage you to be bold in making choices!  We are not looking for anything that is “right.”  We want to witness your take on this story.   We want you to connect with each other, to take in any clues from the text, to follow your impulses and affect your scene partner.  We also welcome and encourage any and all questions!  

We are mindful of your time, and will conduct the audition efficiently.  At times, we ask for you to stay and read with someone else.  At some point you will be dismissed and next steps will be explained regarding callbacks, timelines and other pertinent information.

What should I expect after the audition?
The director will email you either way regarding if you’ve been cast or not.  There are a lot of variables in the casting process and respect that this is not easy.  If you should not be cast, please know that we are always interested in students who would like to work on another aspect of the production, and we encourage you to keep auditioning.  

Where can I learn more?
Please visit us on Instagram (@bates.theater.dance) or on Facebook Bates College Theater and Dance for the latest on auditions and all sorts of wonderful theater and dance events.

Upcoming Auditions: (Rotating)

There are no upcoming events.

Please email Liz Petley Coyer, Academic Administrative Assistant and Special Events Manager at epetley@bates.edu. 

Bates Theater Audition, Casting and Production Policy
Bates Theater & Dance Department is committed to offering a safe and inclusive audition experience for all and encourages participation by performers of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, as well as performers with disabilities. We will always identify roles that present opportunities for non-traditional or diverse and inclusive casting in our notices.  

Theater majors will be given priority consideration for all available roles and design-related/technical positions.  Having said that, we also firmly believe in welcoming all students who are committed to joyful collaboration and the process of making imaginative and impactful theater.