The Department of Theater welcomes all members of the Bates Community – students, faculty and staff, as well as our neighbors in the wider community – to audition for plays we produce. We view auditions as an opportunity to meet new people who are interested in our program, to discover their talents, and to incorporate their talents with our work on stage.

We assume that those auditioning for department productions are making a good-faith declaration of their honest interest in participating in that production. Those who have private reservations at the time of audition (i.e. “I’m only interested in the lead” or “I really shouldn’t do this because I have such a busy semester”) are asked to notify the director in advance. At the time cast lists are posted, students are free to turn down a role and must immediately inform the director and stage manager of that decision.

Faculty directing mainstage productions hold their auditions at the start of each semester, often on the first and second day of classes. Announcements will be made via email and posters. Student directors producing THEA 360 Independent Study projects or THEA 457/458 Thesis projects should also plan on attending these auditions. Student directors should have the following information with them at that time: a synopsis of the play, number of actors required and character descriptions, dates of performances and probable rehearsal schedule.

Following auditions and callbacks, faculty directors will consult with student directors, who can then express interest in particular actors for their projects. Faculty directors will take these factors into consideration as they make their casting choices. Student directors should hold their auditions immediately following the final casting of the semester’s mainstage production. Student directors may not prohibit their actors from auditions for other productions.

Upcoming Auditions

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