BOC Minutes 5/4/16

Nate is in charge and trippin on the presidential power.


Josie: Ladies frisbee is going to nationals in North Carolina and needs dollas. Tryna fundraise, making lots of dough, but they need more. Anything we’ve got they would rlllly appreciate. Flights alone cost 10,000, trying to pay for everything else (transportation, food, tournament fees).

Discussion of moneys ensues
Do we know our budget???
We decide on $one hundo, passes.

Dan is making a suggestion box for climbing wall. Keep an eye out!

Ethan: “got to chatting” with the dude at Rainbow Bicycle, he does group rides Wednesday and Sundays! If you’re interested, John at rainbow cycles knows what’s up, and has now told Ethan whats up, and Ethan will send an email with more important info (for example, the timing).

Miles: Blood drive next Tuesday.

Nate: Trips weekend is all set to go, advertising on Monday, Clambake tabeling starts next week too.

Does anyone have a name for this weekend??
Possible terms to include:
Short term
Trips (not trips…scary?)
Children (?)


Midway through that brainstorm, a discussion of the perception of the BOC arises.
Should we put an easel outside of commons and gather some intel to better understand conceptions of the club? Ya.


Every Tuesday!! Judy leads trips at 6am from the Hathorn Steps to Riverside Cemetery for some bird watching!

Sophia and Adam are headin to the Bates section of the AT on May 15, leaving early. They’ll send an email, apparently no one has been there in a while and it’s in need of some blazing and clearing

Miles: “something climby” on Friday, details to come. Weekend: other details to come.

Dan: salt pump tomorrow around 2:30 (whooooooops sry hope it was fun!)

Eli: Surfing Friday and or Sunday look for email as long as there are “sick waves”

Beanie and Sofia hiking Friday look for email (SORRY ITS FRIDAY NIGHT MY SECRETARY SKILLS ARE RUSTY)

Sashimi is doing something on Sunday!

Justin: Katahdin hike is in the works. Summit is probably closed rn, might need to wait on that, he will be in touch.

Miles: mountain biking Sunday or Monday, probably Monday, at Androscoggin River Lands, he has a spot for one more and infinitely more cars!

Green bikes? Whats up with those?! Eco rep responsibility, working on improving the system.


Miles: backpacking tents: “NOLS uses these tents” but Miles “Isn’t trying to be like Nols” but, you know. You can likely use them all year round, “adds to versatility,” $600 for two tents. Sasha: maybe put them in next years budget, is there time to order and use them? Fiscal timing is annoying. Should we just get one tent? “Bates does budgets weird”. We table this one.

Dana comes in with announcements: May 21: Eco service day: build some trails, build some signs, remove some fence, remove some trash. All of this is happen on mt D, done by 11.

Ryan Parker from national resource something in Maine: proposed new national monument close to Baxter: there’s a meeting with important people about that. Dana “isn’t sure how he feels” and isn’t going to mobilize”, peeps should look into it and decide how they feel. Dana advocates for sharing your feelings as long as you research them first.

back to gear!

Miles: shoes for climbing: we have no small shoes and that means we’re not inclusive. Bottom line: proposing $500, will get as many shoes as possible, we have the same issue of not knowing the budget. Need to raise accountability while maintaining accessibility w/ climbing shoes. Director should check in with shoes a few times a week? Coupled with honor system checklist? Long discussion about how to prioritize gear voting while still conserving budget.

8-10 pairs
Decide to vote

Sasha “maybe has a story”: summer on North Haven with Jordan and lobster. Skinny dipping with bioluminescence!!!
Jordan climbed on lobster boat naked.

Hope your first full day of short term sunshine was swell.
Love, deej