Annual Trips

Clambake is held at Popham Beach in Phippsburg, ME each fall. This tradition has been running for well over five decades and is completely student run. Lobster, clams, burgers and pasta salad are served, clams and lobsters are steamed on the beach using charcoal fired pits and boiling pans (manufactured by a BOC alum). Generally, bussing is available to transport students.

Surfing, boogie boarding and other beach activities are actively encouraged!

Annual Baxter Weekend happens every fall at the end of Peaks Week (see below). Bates Outing Club has multiple BOC members lead groups to hike in Baxter (which includes Mount Katahdin). Groups go out on Friday and Saturday, camp out over night and hike the next day. Some facts about Katahdin:

  • It’s the highest point in Baxter State Park
  • It’s the tallest mountain in Maine and is an iconic part of the Maine landscape
  • Its name translates to ‘big mountain’ in the Wabanaki language

Peaks Week is one week in the fall where the goal is to get as many Bates students on top of mountains as possible! Whether it’s a day trip or an overnight, Peaks weekend is a great way to get outdoors, meet new people, and become a more active member of the BOC. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or have never gone hiking, the BOC offers a wide range of trips ranging from the  beginner level to advanced and the BOC encourages everyone who’s interested to sign up for one.

Basecamping in Acadia National Park during October Break. This beginner level camping trip takes students to one of the most beautiful places in the state of Maine for three days of fun and good times. Sight see, hang on the beach, go for hikes, maybe even brave the cold and jump in the ocean!

February Break Nordic Skiing is a newer tradition of the Bates Outing Club. Spend three days skiing through the beautiful, snow covered trees of Western Maine during the day and hanging in a cozy lodge, cooking dinner and playing card games with your friends each night. Open to all experience levels!

Whitewater Rafting is held during Short Term at Three Rivers Whitewater’s Kennebec Outpost. Students get bussed up from Bates, hang out by the bonfire and play games, camp in tents overnight and then raft some of Maine’s best whitewater (Kennebec or Dead River) the next day before heading back to campus. All meals are cooked by the staff at Three Rivers. The best way to end an academic year at Bates!!!