Trip Leaders

Caroline Cassell (they/them) Class of 2024

Hi! My name is Caroline, and I’m from Woodstock Vermont! My favorite outdoor adventures consist of some type of swimming, particularly in cold water, and lots and lots of card games. However, I’m also a big fan of how yummy food tastes on trips, and curling up with a good book while sipping some type of herbal tea or apple cider. I also love podcasts, so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them! My current favorite is NPR’s The Moth Radio Hour, the storytelling ones are the best. I can’t wait to hear your stories, and am so excited to meet you all on trips soon!! Catch me peaceful 😌

Sam Skinner (he/him) Class of 2026

Hi folks! My name is Sam Skinner (he/him), class of 2026. I’m from Saint Paul, Minnesota, where I first got into the outdoors by exploring our terrific state park system. If I’m not in the most obscure and isolated study spaces on campus or concocting my latest Commons creation, you can find me hiking. I can’t get enough of mountains, lakes,  rivers, mosses, moose, blueberries, and just about anything else having to do with Maine.

Nathaniel Zuckerberg (he/him) Class of 2026

HEY TEAM! My name is Nathaniel Zuckerberg and I am in the class of 2026. Growing up in Northern New Jersey I did not have a super nature filled childhood, but through some amazing programs and opportunities in recent years, the outdoors has become one of my favorite places to spend time. I am happy hanging out on the quad listening to music or in the backcountry paddling down a river, or hiking up a mountain. You can find me on any adventure you can think of, a casual day hike, a mountaineering expedition, white-water rafting, canoeing, skiing, surfing and especially things I have not done before. I hope to see you all on some awesome trips soon, and always feel free to say hi!

Colby Green (He/him) Class of 2025

Hi all! My name is Colby Green, and I’m class of 2025. I’m from north Jersey and I’ve loved getting to explore all the different parts of Maine during my time at Bates. Growing up in suburbia didn’t offer a huge amount of opportunities to get out in the way we can here, so it’s been great to have that opportunity; one of my favorite parts of the outing club has been sharing in new experiences with people. I love sailing, skiing, and commons loaded fries… feel free to say hi!

Colby Michaud (he/him) Class of 2025

Yo broskis. I’m Colby, or Kachow, and I occasionally lead trips with the BOC. My favorite trips are canoe camping ones, so you’ll often hear of me leading those, but I love all sorts of outdoor activities. Outside of BOC, I’m on the sailing team, study physics, make music, and perform shenanigans. As they say, “ain’t no Mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough, to keep me from snackin’ on an apple.” (see photo)

Shenandoah “Shenny” Waugh (they/them) Class of 2026

Hi there! My name is Shenandoah Waugh and I am from Lyons, Colorado. I love being in the woods and bagging peaks. I grew up hiking and backpacking in Colorado and in Maine but I’ve also done a lot of canoeing, skiing, and snowshoeing. My favorite part about leading trips is being able to meet awesome new people at Bates and being able to share the outdoors with others. I love exploring and sharing my outdoor knowledge with others. If I’m not in the woods, you can find me playing Ultimate Frisbee with Cold Front, playing clarinet, or working hard in Ladd (#doublemajorlife).

Sander Katz (he/him) Class of 2025

Hey all! My name is Sander Katz and I am from Wilmington, Delaware. I became a trip leader because I love getting out into the outdoors with new people and sharing an adventure. Some of my hobbies include hiking, skiing, sailing, and exploring the outdoors. Outside of the Outing Club, you can find me organizing practices for the Club Skiing team, singing with my a cappella group, and hanging out with friends. 

Mitchel Soederberg (he/him) Class of 2025

Hey y’all! I’m Mitchel Soederberg from Bedford, New Hampshire. Leading a trip is far and away my favorite way to spend a weekend, and some of my favorites from this year have been Katahdin Hiking, Moosehead Canoeing, and Acadia Base Camping. I sold my soul for Geology upon arrival at Bates, and will be studying rocks in Svalbard for the spring semester (only thing better than rocks is cold rocks). Winter is my favorite season, and snowshoe and ski trips fill my heart. If I don’t see you before winter break, I’ll be stoked to meet you in Fall 2024!

Heidi Nydam (she/her) Class of 2025

Hello! I’m Heidi Nydam (she/her), and I’m originally from the forests and waterfalls of Ithaca, NY. I am an Environmental Studies major with a Hispanic Studies minor and a passion for growth and learning in all aspects of life. Some of my favorite ways to do this are via experiential learning, which I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of and then teach at Primitive Pursuits, a wilderness survival program. I also was a backpacking guide in the Adirondacks last summer, and am now subsequently working on climbing all 115 peaks in the North East over 4000 ft. I love to hike, trail run, bike, downhill and nordic ski, and surf. In spirit of Bates, I’ve jumped in the puddle more than 5 times in my last 2 years and would love to chat with everyone about other silly outdoor adventures at/around Bates!

Jonah Yaffe (he/him) Class of 2026

Hey ya’ll! I’m Jonah and I’m a sophomore hailing from Dallas, Texas, double majoring in Environmental Studies and History. You can find me anytime around campus running around, making music with friends, landscaping or perhaps in a tree. I love spending as much time as I can outside hiking, trail running (while eating skittles), canoeing, skiing and tobogganing. I love working with others in the outdoors and spent the last summer doing trail maintenance on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail throughout New England, getting to know my new (in my opinion better) home. I’m always up for some exploring of the woods, lakes or whatever around here so just let me know and I’m in!

David Nimura (He/him) Class of 2025

Hey y’all! I’m David Nimura and I am from New York City. Coming from New York City there are not a ton of adventurous outdoorsy opportunities and so being able to lead in Maine has been incredible! The outdoors has always been such an important part of my identity and I love being able to explore Maine while meeting awesome new people and learning so many new things! Last summer I worked for Overland Summers and led their Maine trip which gave me an even greater appreciation for how beautiful Maine wilderness is and I can’t wait to explore it more! Outside of the outing club, you can find me playing Ultimate Frisbee or skiing down Lost Valley. Also please say hi if you see me on tours as well!

Lucy Medd (she/her) Class of 2024

Hey! My name is Lucy Medd, and I am from Portland, Maine. This is my third year as a BOC trip leader, and I love exploring and sharing Maine’s great outdoors with Batesies. I am passionate about rock climbing and I spend a lot of my time in the Bethel Area at Shagg Crag. I also enjoy Nordic skiing, and I am looking forward to leading some trips to Pineland Outdoor Center this winter!

Andrew Irwin (he/him) Class of 2027

Hey there! I’m Andrew Irwin and I’m from North Conway, New Hampshire. I grew up hiking and skiing in the White Mountains and love spending time outside. I’m excited to start leading trips with the Outing Club this year as I have always had a passion for outdoor recreation and enjoy meeting new people. Some random facts about me: I play the clarinet, enjoy running, and like spicy foods. My favorite TV show is Parks and Rec, my favorite music artist is REM, and my favorite pastime is petting my four dogs. I’m super pumped to meet everyone, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Jessica Wang (She/her) Class of 2027

Hi there! I’m Jessica Wang and I’m from Guangzhou, China. I love hiking and make it a point to explore new trails wherever I travel. The most memorable hike was in the Yading Reserve,  which sits at a whopping 13,385 feet — so high that I needed to bring along oxygen cans! Besides that, I’m really into kayaking and have been paddling for over three years. At Bates, though, canoeing is one of the things, and I’m super excited to dive into it and try something a bit different! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Isabelle Benson (She/her) (Class of 2027)

Hi, My name is Isabelle Benson and I am from Norwich, Vermont. I grew up hiking and skiing with my family. I love to run, swim, ski (cross country and downhill), hike, and play with my dog outside. I am excited to start leading trips at Bates. I love being outdoors and out in nature and am excited to find people to do that with. Outside the outing club, I enjoy crocheting, weaving, and spending time with friends.

Ruby Forde (she/her) Class of 2024

Ruby comes from the other side of the Eastern Seaboard in Atlanta, GA. Ruby’s studious hours are spent working towards a double major in American Studies and Africana. Whether she’s walking around New Zealand (as seen above) or thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, Ruby knows how to get YOU ready for your next front-country or backcountry adventure! Along with being a Trip Leader, Ruby is a seasoned employee of the E-Room in Chase Hall and she can’t wait to welcome Bobcats back and ring out her final year at Bates with BOC trips, laughs, and many strolls around campus! You can reach Ruby at

Hayden Eckblom (he/him) Class of 2025

Hi everyone, my name is Hayden Eckblom, I am a junior from Tolland CT. I love getting to spend time outdoors, especially with the outing club. Canoe trips are my favorites, but I also enjoy hiking and skiing. Winter is my favorite season and I am always looking for ways to get out in the snow. I think we are so lucky to be in Maine, let’s make sure we make the most of it and spend some time exploring!

Eva McDonough (she/her) Class of 2025

“I’m a tree hugger, dirt lover, that’s my creed, On trails, I run and ski with lightning speed. In nature’s arms, I find my joyful play, With every stride, I greet a brand new day.”

-Chat GPT — Eva McDonough

Megan Donaghy (she/her) Class of 2026

Meg travels to Lewiston from New York as an Economics major. Meg’s love for Maine is bigger than the drive from York to Fort Kent, so ask away if you have questions about getting outside! You can reach Meg at

Ethan Baker (he/him) Class of 2024

Heyo – I’m an E-Room Manager with Eva the dirt lover, Registered Maine Guide, Patroller at Sunday River, and ES major. I hail from Massachusetts and now New Hampshire, and love to support safe and fun outdoor recreation across Maine and beyond!

“The dude abides”

Claire Barlass (she/her) Class of 2025

Hello! I am a junior biochemistry and mathematics major from Northern Minnesota. When asked the most beautiful place I have been, my answer is the top of the Bigelow traverse at sunset: flagstaff lake on the right and the rolling foothills of the New Hampshire Whites on the left. This is my third year with the BOC and I am a good resource for managing the cold, anything canoeing, nordic skiing, running 80 laps around the indoor track, backpacking, killing mosquitoes with one hand, hiking the whites, etc. Other things you should know about me: I love spreadsheets, I can flip a pan sized trail pancake, I don’t care what temperature my drinking water is, I burn about half the food I cook, and tree climbing is a favorite activity of mine.