NOTICE: The E-Room will be CLOSED on Tuesday, 10/5. Any returns due on 10/5 will be extended one day to Weds, 10/6.

By renting gear, you are agreeing to the Gear Rental Policy– make sure to read before renting!

The Equipment Room (E-Room) is located off of the loading dock of Chase Hall between Chase and Muskie Archives. Head through the double doors straight back and you will find us! The E-Room is open M-Th from 5:30-6:30pm. Emails to the BOC list-serve will be sent out if there are any change in hours.

We recommend reserving your gear ahead of time via the system below to ensure that the gear that you want is available. If you are unable to reserve ahead of time, or need some help figuring out what you need, no worries! Come by during E-Room hours and the E-Room Managers will be happy to help!

A note about Bikes- we have a VERY limited number of mountain bikes available. If you are looking to borrow a road bike, check out the information about Green Bikes here!