Gear Rental Policy

Bates College Outing Club Equipment Room Rental and Renewal Policies:

  • In order to check out items you must present: name, student ID, Bates email, cell phone number and credit or debit card.
  • All rentals are free of charge, however a $5 PER ITEM will be issued as an invoice to borrower one week from borrow date if equipment is not returned.
  • All rentals are limited to a maximum of 1 week from date of rental.
  • The renter assumes all financial responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment.
  • Failure to return gear on time will result in issuing invoice of $5/item. Late fees and cost of equipment replacement are as follows:
Replacement Costs:
  • 1 Week from Checkout – Invoice Sent
  • 2 Weeks from date of checkout – $10
  • 1 Month from checkout – $50
  • 6 Weeks from checkout – Full cost of replacement (see below)

Items may be renewed at additional 1 week intervals for no additional deposit granted that the following procedure is followed:

  1. The item(s) must be returned to the E-Room in the first 15 minutes of the rental hour.
  2. The item(s) must be made available for rent by someone else for 30 minutes.
  3. If still available, the item(s) may be rented for another week in the last 15 minutes of the hour.
Cost of Replacement:
Gear Cost Gear Cost
Alpine/Tele Skis $350 Ski Helmet $75
Alpine/Tele Boots $200 Goggles $30
Alpine Poles $30 Nordic skis $150
Snowboard $300 Nordic boots $100
Snowboard boots $150 Nordic poles $30
Ice Skates $50 Snowshoes $100
Microspikes $50 Mountaineering boots $150
Crampons $175 Alpine Trekkers $150
Sleeping bag $100 Sleeping pad $20
Winter sleeping bag $150 Winter tent $400
Tent 2p- $200, 4p- $300, 6p- $400 Backpack $125
Climbing harness $75 Climbing shoes $60
Climbing helmet $50 ATC and locking carabiner $25
Stove + Fuel Whisperlite- $110, Coleman- $50 Sled/Toboggan Sled- $25, Toboggan- $200

Summer – $200, Winter – $350

Wetsuit accessories Gloves – $50, booties – $50

Certain specialized equipment not listed above. But feel free to ask the E-room directors.

Please note, wet suits and mountain bikes are now housed in the E-room.