Astronomy courses


ASTR 106. Introduction to Astronomy.

How can we use light to learn about the universe? How can we measure the properties of planets, stars, and galaxies? How can we explore our cosmic origins and the history of the universe? This course provides an introduction to modern astronomy with an emphasis on how we know what we know. Enrollment limited to 84. [S] [L] [Q] Normally offered every year. A. Diamond-Stanic.

ASTR 201. Introduction to Stellar and Planetary Astrophysics.

An introduction to stellar and planetary astrophysics, focusing on the basic physics required to understand and interpret astronomical observations of stars and planets. Building on a foundation of the introductory physics sequence, this course exploree the consequences of Newtonian gravity and few-body dynamics, hydrostatic balance, nuclear reactions, and radiative transfer for the structure and evolution of stellar and planetary systems. Prerequisite(s): PHYS 107 and 108. Normally offered every year. A. Diamond-Stanic, J. Oishi.

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