The Combined Plan programs allow students to gain broad exposure to the liberal arts while preparing for a degree in engineering. Such exposure is especially important in an age when engineering decisions have increasing impact on our cultural and physical environments.

Under the programs, students spend three years at Bates pursuing liberal arts and certain pre-engineering courses, and then continue their studies at an engineering school for two years. Five schools, Case Western, Columbia, Dartmouth, RPI, and Washington University, are affiliated with Bates for combined plan study.

At the end of the five year program, two bachelors degrees are awarded, one by the engineering school and another by the College. Since a firm decision to concentrate in engineering is not required until the junior year, the plans are especially beneficial to students who are interested in, but not yet completely sure about, a career in engineering.

Bates College provides financial aid only for the three years of study at Bates. Aid for the remaining two years is subject to the policies of the particular engineering school.

Other Options

While the 3-2 (five year) program leading to two bachelors degrees is the normal Combined Plan program, there is also a 4-2 plan for dual bachelors degrees, and 4-2 and 3-3 plans leading to an M.S. in engineering (only at Washington University).   One partner school (Dartmouth) typically operates a 2-1-1-1 plan, with the third and fifth year at Dartmouth, and the application in the sophomore year.


For more information on the Combined Plan Program, contact the Combined Plan advisor:

Professor Ryan Cole
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Bates College
44 Campus Ave.
Lewiston, ME  04240