Advanced labs

The first floor labs contain permanent setups of specialized equipment for the following instructional experiments:

speed of light, speed of sound, electron charge, photon tunneling, mass of the neutron, gas laser modes, laser Zeeman effect, Hall effect, saturated absorption spectroscopy, semiconductor doping, holography, gravitational constant, capacitor decay, magnetic levitation, optical pumping. Most experiments include computerized data acquisition and analysis, and all labs are networked to the campus mainframe.

For student and faculty research there are 12-inch, 6-inch, and 4-inch electromagnets, vibration-isolated optical tables, a vacuum evaporator, high vacuum systems, a portable vacuum/gas-handling system, liquid helium cryostats, a Neodymium YAG laser, an argon-ion laser, ultra-high vacuum systems, nitrogen lasers, an electron plasma trapping apparatus, magneto-optical atom traps, a clean air hood, a fume hood, a 2-meter double monochromator, 1/4 meter monochromators and annealing ovens. Finally, there are facilities for glassblowing and for the design and assembly of electronic circuit boards.