Current course list

Current Physics and Astronomy Courses at Bates

Course descriptions can be found HERE

Fall 2013

The Physics of Everyday Life (PHYS 105), James Porter

Classical Physics (PHYS 107), Mark Semon & Mark Nordberg

The Physics of Sports (PHYS 112), John Smedley & Nicole Hastings

Electricity, Magnetism, and Waves (PHYS 222), Michael Durst

Introductory Quantum (PHYS 308), Michael Durst

Thermal Physics (PHYS 361), Travis Gould

Electromagnetic Theory (PHYS 422), James Porter

Winter 2014

Modern Physics (PHYS 108), Mark Semon & Mark Nordberg

Lunar and Planetary Science (AT/GE 110), Gene Clough & Nicole Hastings

Physics for Policy Makers (PHYS 115), Nathan Lundblad

Newtonian Mechanics (PHYS 211), Michael Durst

Laboratory Physics I (PHYS 231), Nathan Lundblad & Nicole Hastings

Mathematical Methods of Physics (PHYS 301), Travis Gould

Astrophysics (PHYS 381), Eric Wollman

Quantum Theory (PHYS 409), John Smedley

Short Term 2014

The Asteroid Impact Threat: What Can We Do? (S27), Eric Wollman

Electronics Lab (S30), Travis Gould & Mark Nordberg