• Bates Faculty Research Grant – $500
    • Awarded December, 1976 for studying “Coulomb Scattering in the Eikonal Approximation.”
  • Bates Faculty Research Grant – $545
    • Awarded $260 for research, December, 1978, for developing “A New Equation of State for Systems Near a Critical Point,” and awarded $285 in December, 1979, for publication charges.
  • Research Corporation Grant – $3,440
    • Awarded May, 1979, for developing “an Equation of State for systems with a Critical Point.” Research Grant from the University of South Carolina – $2,000
    • Awarded $800 in the summer of 1979 and $1,200 in the summer of 1980 to work with Professor Yakir Aharonov on problems in the foundations of physics.
  • National Science Foundation Grant – $23,744
    • Coauthored with George Ruff, awarded September, 1980, for equipment that would introduce “Modern Physics in the Introductory Laboratory” ($11,872 from NSF with matching funds provided by the College).
  • Bates Faculty Research Grant – $700
    • Awarded December, 1984 for the development of new variables to describe quantum interference experiments.
  • AACU Grant – $20,000
    • Coauthored with five others, awarded December, 1996, for the development of new courses and courses units that put more science into Women’s Studies Courses and more gender-related material into science courses.
  • SEED Grant – $1000
    • Awarded by the State of Maine in recognition of a post-secondary science course judged to be worthy of dissemination to secondary and post-secondary teachers in the state. One of four courses in Maine that received this honor during the 1996-1997 academic year.
  • NIST-SURF Grant – $6129
    • Awarded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg MD, to support one summer intern (room, travel expenses, and stipend). Received April, 2002.

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