Student Affairs Application Dashboards

AIM (Accessible Information Management)


+Student Status & Concerns
Student Status & Concerns

  • Students with 2 or more Academic Flags
  • In Danger of Failing / Low class Average
  • Low Quiz / Test Score
  • Student Concern – No Student Notification
  • Attendance / Participation Concern
  • Students with 3 or More Health Services Active Flags
  • Personal / Non-academic Concern
  • Outreach from Student Support Advisor

+Courses with Active Flags
Courses with Active Flags

  • List of Courses with Active Flags
  • Includes the Instructor’s Name and number of flags

+Progress Surveys
Progress Surveys

  • Stats Regarding Progress Surveys Only
  • For example, number of surveys deployed, how many surveys have been viewed or completed

+Student Support Advisors Role

+Top Faculty and Staff with Raised Flags