Transfer procedure

If you are considering transferring out of Bates to another institution, please communicate with Candace Maciel, Associate Registrar at 207-786-8333 or via email at She will be able to answer any questions  you may have and guide you through this process.

Candace will ask you to complete the following documentation.  This process can be completed either in person by making an appointment with Candace or via email to

Transfer paperwork to be completed must be submitted to Candace no later than five(5) days prior to its due date.

Minimally, you will need to complete the following paperwork:

1. Transfer Release Form.  This form gives us permission to provide information about you to another institution and must be completed before any documentation is completed on your behalf.

  • There are a couple of institutions that still require a hard/mailed copy and will not accept faxes or emails. If this is the case, please provide Candace with pre-addressed, stamped envelopes. Otherwise, please provide an email address to which your paperwork may be submitted.

2. College Report (from the Common Application webpage). Please complete the Student Section (top portion of the form) including the FERPA release authorization information before submitting it for completion.

3. Mid-term Report (from the Common Application webpage). This only needs to be submitted if you are applying during the middle of the semester and is required by the institution(s) to which you are applying.

  • Please make sure you are reaching out to your faculty as they may receive an email confirming grades entered on the report. You may send this directly to the institutions you’ve applied to or you may provide it to Candace to send.  Please make sure to complete the FERPA release authorization information at the bottom of the page.

4. There are several institutions that have their own documentation that must be completed in addition to those required by the Common App.  This documentation may be also submitted to Candace for completion.

5.  If you are applying to an institution that utilized the Coalition Application, please complete the Transfer Release form and provide Candace with the appropriate Coalition Application forms.

Only one (1) copy each of the Transfer Release, College Report and Mid-term Report is necessary, regardless of how many institutions you are applying to. Copies will be sent and the originals kept (for further use if needed). If you determine there are additional schools you’d like to apply to after the initial request is submitted (within the same academic year), please email Candace and she will forward the information.

Finally, please request transcripts via Garnet Gateway or the Registrar’s Office.

If you decide to transfer out of Bates to another institution, you must complete the appropriate Withdrawal form to update your status with the college.  This form is usually completed between semesters.