Center for Global Education FAQs:

Currently functioning remotely.

1. Is the CGE still available to me when I’m away from campus? Yes, we’re used to working with students and families from away. We’ll utilize Zoom, Skype, phone, email, or other methods to communicate. We will not be meeting with students in person for the time being.

2. How do I make appointments with CGE staff? Students can use BatesReach for individual appointments. All locations will default to a Zoom room but we will also operate by phone.

3. Is the office line still accessible by phone? Yes, the office line (207-786-6223) is available but please be patient as we navigate phone forwarding systems. Rest assured, someone will call you back if we missed your call.


1.  Will Bates require me to return home?  Bates has required or suggested that all students return home from their study abroad location.

2.  Will Bates accept course work completed online or remotely? Yes. Given the current pandemic, Bates will accept online/remote courses for study abroad. The remote courses would be taught by your program/institution.

3. Can I take my abroad courses pass/fail? Yes, you are able to choose the pass/fail option for Winter 2020 abroad courses.  Keep in mind that abroad grades do not appear on your Bates official transcript nor are they factored into your Bates GPA.  Note that graduate and professional schools do look for letter grades.

4.  May I return to the Bates campus? No.  We like you and look forward to seeing you, but not right now.

5. What about fall study abroad? We’re planning for fall study abroad and encourage you to plan for fall study abroad as well. Please complete applications to programs and institutions as soon as possible.


1. Can I apply for OPT or CPT still? Yes, please be in touch with Ms. Palmer ( to coordinate applications and process.

2. Is there anyone available to sign my I-20/travel signature or other materials? For the time being we will handle this on a case by case basis. Please email both Ms. Palmer and Dean Gallant and they will coordinate drop-off/pick-up as needed.

3. Can I speak with Dean Reese? Yes, of course! Send him an email or give him a call. He will continue his emails to his list, and it will contain his number. He’d love to hear from you.


Current as of April 10, 2020

Karibuni/أهلاً و سهلاً/Soo dhowow/Добро пожаловать/欢迎!

The Center for Global Education at Bates College was formed in 2017 with the merger of the offices of International Student Programs and Off-Campus Study and has taken on the responsibilities related to International Student Services. The Center seeks to be the hub of global learning and cross-cultural engagement for students, faculty and staff of Bates. The following are the guiding principles that inform the work of the Center for Global Education.


The Center for Global Education provides advising, programming, and resources for international students and for all students seeking to study off-campus. The Center fosters connections between students, faculty, and staff to increase the exchange of ideas and the sharing of international life and experiences around the world. Through activities on campus, the Fall Semester Abroad program, and Off-Campus Short Term opportunities, the Center supports faculty in their efforts to make the global nature of a Bates education more explicit.


  • The Center is a resource for students, faculty, and staff to consider international issues, cross-cultural exploration, and global academic endeavors.
  • The Center will serve as a place where international students can seek advice, engage with all students, and help prepare for life after Bates.
  • All Bates students shall have an opportunity to engage with the Center; whether seeking guidance, services, attending programs, or inquiring about life in an increasingly interconnected world.

Core Values

  • Intentional learning with a focus on language study, academic experiences, and lifelong reflection on one’s place in the world.
  • Focus on culture with an awareness of and respect for cultural difference and a belief in the power and the challenge of cultural immersion.
  • Opportunity and equity through advising and programs accessible to all students regardless of identity or resources.

Photos: Budapest, Hungary, Lei Lei ’14; Varanasi, India, Heather Monty ’14; Sète, France, Catherine Cluett ’08