Bicycle Storage

Bicycles provide a clean, convenient and healthy transportation alternative. Improperly stored bicycles pose a serious hazard in the event of an emergency requiring rapid evacuation from a residence. Bicycles attached to buildings can damage building trim and pose obstructions to emergency responders in an emergency.

Bicycles are not to be stored in corridors, stairwells, and exit discharge areas under any circumstance.  Bicycles observed in these area may be tagged and removed

To minimize the problem of improper bicycle storage bicycle racks have been provided at nearly every residence on campus. There are indoor storage facilities and outdoor racks for student use.

Environmental, Health and Safety staff monitor bicycle storage and respond to violations. First observations result in a warning being issued. Repeat violations can result in confiscation of a bicycle which may necessitate destroying cable, chain or lock. Confiscation can result in life safety fines.

For questions regarding bicycle proper storage, please contact:
the Environmental, Health & Safety Department at 8226. Thank you!