Bicycle Storage

Bicycles provide a clean, convenient and healthy transportation alternative. Improperly stored bicycles pose a serious hazard in the event of an emergency requiring rapid evacuation from a residence. Bicycles can pose obstructions to emergency responders in an emergency and damage building trim.

To minimize the problem of improper bicycle storage bicycle racks have been provided at nearly every residence on campus. There are indoor storage facilities and outdoor racks for student use.

For questions regarding bicycle proper storage, please contact: Bates EHS at 8226.


Bates Security and EHS monitor bicycle storage and respond to violations.

  • First Observations:  result in a warning being issued.  The bicycle will be tagged with a high visibility tag documented with the date and time of the initial response.  Any violation in a student residential building will be forwarded to Residential Life.
  • Repeat Violations: can result in confiscation of a bicycle which may necessitate destroying cable, chain or lock.  Destroyed locking devices will not be replaced.  
  • Notice of Violations: violations from the Lewiston Fire Department or other AHJ regarding improper bicycle storage will be forwarded to the Office of Student Affairs or other responsible department. 

Improper Storage

Improper storage of bikes that violate code may be tagged with a warning and then removed by either Bates Security or EHS. Destroyed locking devices will not be replaced. Examples of improper storage of bikes includes but is not limited to:

  • Located in ANY exit route, which includes the exit access, exit, and exit discharge
  • Locked to ANY part of the handrails on a Bates building that is part of the exit route
  • Locked to any part of the fire escape
  • Located in any indoor stairwell or vestibule

Bikes attached to handrails on residential building porches that are not located in the exit route will not be tagged by EHS.

Confiscated bikes will be held for one year from the date on the tag, and if they are not reclaimed the bike will be donated to Clean Sweep or some other charity.

Storage for Bikes