Return-to-Work Program

It is the intent of Bates College to provide our employees who have sustained injury or illness, whether or not in the course of employment, with the best available recovery program that allows a return to work as quickly as possible.

Bates College will make an effort to create opportunity for all injured or ill employees to return to work to full or partial employment, within the limits of her/his medical condition, at the earliest point in time. This will be accomplished through assignment of modified work, referred to as light duty or restricted work, and the continuous monitoring of injured or ill employees.

The College will attempt to modify work for employees recovering from injury or illness, and to perform duties that medical providers have deemed safe during a recovery process. Alternative or modified job assignments will be structured to meet the physical capabilities and therapy needs of the employee. Modified work is defined as temporary assignments within an employee’s physical abilities, knowledge, and skills. These activities will be monitored by the employee’s supervisor and a human resources representative.

It may include responsibilities and tasks taken from the employee’s regular job, when the employee cannot perform full duties or work a full day. Assignments may include other appropriate tasks within the employee’s department or assignments within the College if suitable employment is not otherwise available in the employee’s home department. In all cases, the assignment must be approved by the employee’s supervisor and be consistent with the employee’s medical restrictions. Work restrictions, as defined by the treating physician, will be strictly adhered to.

Employees who do not participate in the Return-To-Work Program are not eligible for the College’s short-term disability coverage. For more information on STD, refer to section 317 of this handbook.

Source: Section 511, Bates College Employee Handbook.

For questions regarding the Return-to-Work Program, please contact:
Director of Environmental, Health & Safety (x8226), or
Environmental, Health & Safety Coordinator (x6413)