Gifts of Securities

Transferring stock and mutual funds can be an easy way to give to Bates and in many cases offers a tax advantage.

We always recommend that you consult with your tax advisor in order to learn more about the advantages of gifting stock and mutual funds.

Interested in making a gift of securities to Bates?

1. Have your broker call or fax Bates College to notify us and begin the transfer process. The broker should provide Bates with the following information:

  • Name of the broker, phone number and email if applicable
  • Number of shares and name of security(s)
  • Approximate transfer date
  • Name of the legal gift donor/entity
  • Intended designation/purpose of the gift
  • Approximate anticipated value of the gift

In order to ensure timely receipt, credit, and acknowledgment of your gift, it is essential that Bates is provided all of the above information prior to or soon after the transfer.

Bates College
Office of College Advancement
2 Andrews Road
Lewiston, ME 04240
207-786-6248 (6236)
Bates tax ID: 01-0211781

2. Unless otherwise instructed by Bates, process delivery through DTC to:

Bank of New York Mellon (Brokerage Firm)
DTC# 0443
For Credit to account #: N7M002614
Client account name: President and Trustees of Bates College
Pershing, LLC
1 Pershing Plaza
Jersey City, NJ 07399
Registration of account: Corporation

Stock Certificates in my name

If you hold the stock in certificate form and it’s in your name at the time you mail it to Bates College, the gift date is the date of the latter postmark of the certificate and the separately mailed stock power form. Full instructions are at the bottom of this page.

If you hand-deliver the stock certificate in person to Bates, the gift date is the date in which Bates College takes possession of the securities. It is still necessary to have a signed stock power form when hand-delivering the certificate in person if the certificate is in your name.

Stock Certificates in Bates’ name

If the certificate has been reissued and is in Bates’ name, the reissue date is the gift date. In this case, a stock power form in not necessary.

Please note that stock transfers normally are completed in a 2-3 business days, depending on your broker. Mutual fund transfers can take 2-3 weeks, especially at year-end, due to the additional paperwork required.