Young Alumni

Bates recognizes that young alumni are at the beginning of their philanthropic relationship with the college.

Join the Mount David Society today, to begin your own tradition of philanthropic support to the college, while gaining access to special networking opportunities with alumni peers.  Visit the Recurring Gift program to maximize your annual support by making a recurring gift in manageable monthly increments.

MDS Young Alumni Giving Levels

Class Amount
1 to 4 years out (Classes of 2016 to 2019)  $100+
5 years out (Class of 2015, 5th Reunion) $500+
6 to 9 years out (Classes of 2011 to 2014) $500+
10 years out (Class of 2010, 10th Reunion) $1,000+
11 to 14 years out (Classes of 2006 to 2009) $1,000+
15 years out (Class of 2005, 15th Reunion) $2,500+