The Mount David Society

The Mount David Society recognizes Bates Fund donors who put the college first in their annual philanthropy by making a gift of $2,500 or more. These individuals lead the way in supporting Bates by making significant, unrestricted current-use gifts each year — gifts that underpin the college’s ability to sustain excellence. Mount David Society members provide nearly 80 percent of the Bates Fund total each year and make a tremendous impact on the campus each day. Since the Mount David Society was founded in 2004, cumulative MDS giving has increased from $2.2 million to over $5 million annually — thanks to donors who have chosen to invest in student success and strengthening Bates!

Mount David Society Giving Levels

FOUNDERS CIRCLE  Annual gifts of $100,000

BENEFACTORS CIRCLE  Annual gifts of $50,000

SUSTAINERS CIRCLE  Annual gifts of $25,000

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE  Annual gifts of $10,000

CORNERSTONE CIRCLE  Annual gifts of $5,000

MOUNT DAVID SOCIETY  Annual gifts of $2,500

pam-johnson-headshot“Our collective giving sends a powerful signal that Bates has alumni and parents committed to its historic mission of intellectual curiosity, egalitarianism, and social justice. I know that my Bates experience was richer for the diversity of student voices. I heard classmates speak from points of view that I had never even heard of before, and I am proud to provide financial support to ensure that many different voices continue to be part of the Bates education.

As a member of the Mount David Society, I stay connected to Bates supporters who share my enthusiasm for the college and the world around us. We all have a passion for lifelong learning, even as our particular fields of interest vary. MDS allows me to hear firsthand from these leaders and current students who shape today’s Bates experience.”

– Pamela Batchelder Johnson ’91, Mount David Society Member


“My wife, Deborah Verner ’95, and I feel a deep connection to Bates and have made the college our top philanthropic priority. The college made a huge impact on who we are and where we are today, and our gifts celebrate this incredible bond to the college.

We see how our MDS gift makes an impact every time we return to campus and interact with the student body. I am thrilled by how many incoming and current students have fallen in love with Bates and describe the college in ways that echo the exact reasons I originally came here many years ago. Bates has maintained its core spirit and mission over the years — and this fosters a deeper connection with its alumni.”

– Jason C. Verner ’95, Mount David Society Member