Senior Gift

The continued financial support of alumni enables all aspects of the Bates experience for students, regardless of their financial background.

The class of 2020 has the opportunity to continue this tradition of paying it forward to future generations of Bates students through the Senior Gift Program!

Senior Gift emphasizes the importance of joining the Bates alumni community in supporting the college and its current programming (from academics, to student life, and everything in between!). It is a chance for the class to come together before graduation to show its appreciation for Bates.

+Senior Gift Executive Committee

Anaïs González, Co-Chair
Lexie Jamieson, Co-Chair
Cam Carlson, Vice Chair
Christie Fatica, Vice Chair
Abby Ford, Vice Chair
Alexa Jurgeleit, Vice Chair
+Senior Gift Committee Responsibilities

Committee Members must:

  • Attend monthly committee meetings and Senior Gift events. 
  • Solicit classmates directly and by staffing gift tables in Commons and at events.
  • Contribute to advertising efforts.
  • Lead by example and make a donation to the Senior Gift!

The average time commitment for a Senior Gift member is about 1 to 4 hours per month. The time commitment may be slightly higher during short term as your class tries to achieve its participation goal.

Being a member of the Senior Gift Committee will give you invaluable experience as a fundraiser with skills that are transferable to a wide variety of professions. In addition to gaining fundraising experience, you will also to meet some of Bates’ most distinguished alumni and senior staff members during exclusive networking opportunities.

To join the committee, email Casey Andersen ( or reach out to anyone on the Committee.

+2020 Members

Patrick Beaton
Adena Bernot
Mel Binkhorst
Matt Chlastawa
Maya Church
Nolan Collins
Patrick Commers
SamC ruickshank
Emmy Daigle
Cate Day
Abby Decter
Claire Deplanck
Sarah DiPillo
Holly Doyle
Tyler Fuller
Max Gardner
Emma Gosselin
Priscila Guillen (Class Co-President)
Julie Hinton
Willky Joseph
Jacob Kauppila
MacKenzie Kelly
Beaufils Kimpolo-Pene
Olivia LaMarche
Ally Leahy
Ryan Lizanecz
Koyabi Mamam Nbiba
Vic McGee
Jack Monahan
Sara Moradi
Maddie Murphy
Daniella Pascucci
Lila Patinkin
Emma Polgrean
Paige Rabb
Melissa Rodriguez
Isabelle Rovinski
Gemma Rubi
Maya Seshan (Class Co-President)
Phil Simplicio
Will Sylvia
Gee Torres
Riley Turcotte
Julien Williamson
Phillip Wu

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