Young Alumni Collectors Group

We invite you to join us in creating a Young Alumni Collectors Group for the Bates Museum of Art. We aim to collectively raise $2,500 or more each year for the acquisition of a print, photograph, or other work of art identified by Museum staff, which would supplement and enhance existing collections. We ask you to consider a gift of $50 or more to this effort on an annual basis. This would be in addition to your regular Bates Fund support.

All donors will have the ability to view and vote on three to five works that would be considered for purchase each year. We also are planning an annual event to bring donors together to celebrate art, see an exhibition, or hear from Museum staff. All artwork purchased through this program will be credited as being acquired by “The Young Alumni Collectors Group” while on display.

To make a gift, please go online to and indicate “Young Alumni Collector’s Group” in the comments section to designate your gift. Thank you for your consideration and helping to build and expand the Bates Museum of Art.

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Jennifer Yee ’07 and Charlotte Weidlein ’09