President Nancy Cable and Board Chair Mike Bonney ’80, P’09, P’12, P’15

We are very pleased to thank you, our generous alumni, parents and friends, for your gifts to Bates between July 1, 2010, and June 30, 2011.

Moment by moment, the men and women who have studied at Bates, taught at Bates, and shaped Bates over the decades have created memories of a lifetime. Those moments have been filled with the power of smaller and larger communities of Batesies who pulled together toward a goal and had fun while reaching it.

In 2010–11, thousands of Bates alumni, parents, and friends enjoyed the pride of community and the power of giving toward a common goal — strengthening Bates. They joined hands to break records in total giving, alumni and parent participation, and certainly the Bates Fund, which has seen a remarkable 27-percent increase in just three years and outperformed most peer schools in growth.

Leadership was key to this success. Bates Fund co-chairs Jennifer Guckel Porter ’88 and Bill Sweat ’79 and Parents Fund co-chairs Kathy and Bob Whelan P’05 have provided innovative and dedicated leadership over the past three years toward these new benchmarks of success. Key as well was the creative strategy of our Bates Fund Executive Committee and the work of more than 400 Bates Fund volunteers who organized meetings and made calls throughout the year to surpass our goals.

The details

  • $5.5 million for the Bates Fund
  • $12.7 million in total giving (a 20.5 percent increase over FY10)
  • 45 percent alumni participation (up from 41 percent in FY09)
  • 39 percent parent participation

Building on this momentum, we set ambitious goals for 2011–12

  • $6 million for the Bates Fund
  • $14 million total giving
  • 48 percent alumni participation
  • 40 percent parent participation

We can do this! Let’s exceed our goals and show our incoming president both the power and the pride of the Bates community.

Nancy J. Cable, Interim President

Mike Bonney ’80, P’09, P’12, P’15, Chair of the Board of Trustees

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