Power in Numbers

Achieving these kinds of results requires the support of many dedicated Bates volunteers, and our gratitude is beyond measure.

  • Strong leadership from the Bates Fund Executive Committee contributed to the growth of our volunteer program.
  • The work of Class Agents accounted for 35 percent of Bates Fund gifts received.
  • Nationally, Bates’ one-year gain in dollars ranks fourth among a peer group of 17 liberal arts colleges.
  • Our Mount David Society donors raised a record $4.76 million, accounting for 75% of the Bates Fund.
  • More than 500 Bates volunteer solicitors helped spread the word about annual giving.

Gift Type

Bates helps donors find ways of giving that meet their needs. Bates is grateful to corporations that provide matching gift programs.

Total Gifts

Bates gifts ending June 30, 2012, totaled more than $12.2 million.


Invested in perpetuity, the endowment provides annual financial support for bedrock Bates programs.


Spendable gifts, not including endowment gifts, totaled nearly $9 million.

Bates Fund

Bates Fund gifts ending June 30, 2012, totaled nearly $6.4 million, an 11 point gain over 2010–11. This year Bates seeks $6.55 million by June 30.