Endowed Fund Gifts

Bates is deeply grateful to endowed fund donors, whose gifts support the enduring strengths and essential mission of the college. The honor roll recognizes alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, friends, corporations and foundations who made gifts to Bates from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.

  1. 5 or more consecutive years of giving
  2. Mount David Society-level gifts Learn more
  3. Both of the above
The Abbott-Hall Scholarship Fund
  1. Ann W. H. Dorr '73
  2. Richard L. Hall HC'41, P'73
Aghababian-Wicks Family Fund for Financial Aid
  1. Bruce W. Wicks '74 and Victoria Aghababian Wicks '74, P'04, P'08
The Alan C. and Gail Molander Goddard '53/'56 Endowed Scholarship Fund
  1. Charles W. Pappas '53 and Barbara Swett Pappas '53, GP'09, GP'11
The Androscoggin Scholarship Fund
  1. Anonymous (1)
  2. Eileen B. Carbonneau '78
  3. Matthew J. Carter and Susan B. Dunning
  4. Thomas A. Guthrie '81 and Denise I. Blanchette '83
  5. William H. Johnson and Margaret Johnson
  6. Elaine C. Makas '67
  7. Jon Oxman and Marjorie J. Oxman
  8. Marcy P. Plavin P'77
  9. Michael A. Thomas and Amie M. Parker
The Ann and Charles Bucknam '53 Scholarship Fund
  1. Charlotte Ann H. Bucknam HC'53, P'87
  2. Edward H. Bucknam '87 and Dana Michelle L. Bucknam
The Anthol/Mantyla Family Scholarship Fund
  1. Joyce E. Mantyla '65
The Anthony B. and Raeflyn R. Pelliccia Fund for Student Research
  1. Joseph G. Pelliccia and Patricia Pelliccia
The Arden Scholarship Fund
  1. Peter J. Friedman '92 and Marjorie (Kitty) Northrop Friedman '95
  2. Mary W. Harriman Foundation
The Arlene L. and William M. Harris Scholarship Fund
  1. Anonymous (1)
  2. Wendy Harris Garber '89 and Richard Garber
  3. Burton M. Harris '59 and Shirley D. Harris P'89, GP'16
The Barbara M. Doane '54 Scholarship Fund
  1. Barbara M. Doane '54
The Barbara Poling Welbourn Memorial Fund
  1. Martha Welbourn Freeman '75 and John Freeman
  2. David M. Welbourn '71 and Lynn Bitzer Welbourn '71
Bates College Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
  1. Kenneth E. Spalding '73 and Susanne G. Spalding
The Bates Outing Club Support Fund
  1. Elizabeth van Gemeren Charitable Gift Account
  2. Lawrence B. Friedman and Michele L. Hertz P'11
  3. Benjamin G. Linder '09
  4. Kellen L. MacFadyen '12
  5. Judith A. Marden '66
  6. Kenneth E. Spalding '73 and Susanne G. Spalding
  7. Douglas S. Taylor '80 and Nan Wu
  8. Helena S. Turner '10
  9. Elenor D. van Gemeren '13
  10. Elizabeth S. van Gemeren P'13
The Beatrice J. and James F. Callahan Scholarship Fund
  1. James F. Callahan Jr. '65 and Elsa H. Callahan
  2. James F. Callahan Jr.'65 Gift Fund
Benjamin E. Mays Scholarship
  1. Bradford Hobbs '86 and Andrea D. Fant-Hobbs
  2. William H. Tucker '67 and Monica Drozd
Bernard R. Carpenter Employee Emergency Fund
  1. Anonymous (1)
  2. Bates College Staff Association
  3. Anne D. Williams
The Blanche and Walden Hobbs '18/'18 and William F. Hobbs '54 Scholarship Fund
  1. Barbara M. Hobbs HC'54, P'81
Brian H.Wells '97 and Meghan L.Wells (Gullette) '98 Scholarship
  1. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
  2. Brian H. Wells '97 and Meghan L. Gullette-Wells '98
Brooks and Inez R. Quimby Scholarship Fund
  1. Richard F. Coughlin '53 and Norma Crooks Coughlin '52
Carol L. Stark '72 Endowment for Summer Language Study
  1. Helen M. Gamble
  2. Ron Hemler and Jeanne Hemler
  3. Jack L. Markey HC'72
  4. Edward J. Stark and Christine Stark
  5. Richard I. Stark and Eliza H. Stark P'72
  6. Willliam F. Walker and Pauline J. Walker
Carol L. Wollenberg '76 Music Ensemble Fund
  1. Carol L. Wollenberg '76 and Daniel Kerlee
  2. Wollenberg Foundation
Charles '29 and Bernice H. Siegel Memorial Fund
  1. Estate of Bernice H. Siegel FR'29
Charles A. Bucknam '53 Athletic Fund
  1. Lynn W. Willsey '54 and Beverly Hayne Willsey '55, P'79, P'81, P'89, GP'18
Charles Everett Whipple Book Fund
  1. Estate of Charles E. Whipple III '34
The Charles Hunt Kirschbaum Scholarship Fund
  1. Robert E. Lennon '53 and Emma Lennon
  2. Lisa Harvie McIlwain '83
  3. Verizon Foundation
The Charles R. Harms, M.D., '38 Scholarship Fund
  1. Heidi Harms Remy '74 and George D. Remy
The Chester and Louise Mosman Fund
  1. Paul McDonald and Gail M. McDonald
Class of 1941 Scholarship
  1. Dorothy Dole Johnson '41
Class of 1959 Scholarship
  1. Victoria Daniels Aberhart '59 and D. J. Aberhart
  2. Louis B. Brown '59 and Bobbie S. Brown
  3. Jack DeGange Jr. '59 and Jane Lysaght DeGange '59, P'88, P'91
  4. Mary Ann Houston Hermance '59 and Donald L. Hermance
  5. John H. Hooper '59 and Carol Swanson Hooper '60
  6. Regina Abbiati Lucas '59, P'96
  7. Barbara Smith McIntosh '59 and Kenison A. McIntosh
  8. Richard L. Moraes '59 and Jacqueline Moraes
  9. Walter J. Neff Jr. '59 and Susan D. Neff
  10. John J. O'Grady '59 and Elizabeth Ann H. O'Grady
  11. Ralph O. Posner '59 and Maria V. Posner
  12. Elizabeth Reid Rickey '59
Colony Family Scholarship
  1. George F. Colony and Ann B. Colony P'12, P'17
The David O. and Carol H. Boone Scholarship Fund
  1. Anike L. Tourse '92
The David W. Merrill Memorial Scholarship Fund
  1. David L. Merrill and Rebecca Merrill
Dean James L. Reese Scholarship Fund
  1. Apple Matching Gifts Program
  2. Vaibhav Bajpai '07
  3. Slavea G. Chankova '00
  4. Piyapriya de Silva '99 and Ana de Silva
  5. Madhur Duggar '97 and Elena Atanassova Duggar '99
  6. Nikolay N. Kostov '07
  7. Minoo Malek Saghri '81 and Faraj Saghri
  8. Milko G. Todorov '01
  9. Jonathan A. Zanger '79 and Jodi Tan
The Donald W. and Ann M. Harward Fund for Community Partnerships
  1. Anna Sleeper Cressey '05 and Eric Cressey
  2. Kathryn Tibbetts Gates '91 and Brant Gates
  3. Marvin D. Gee and Helen K. Gee P'16
  4. Donald W. Harward HC'02, L.H.D.'03, P'92
  5. Jacob N. Kaplove '12
  6. Joseph H. Matzkin '66 and Linda G. Matzkin P'95
Dorothy Dole Johnson 1941 Endowed Student Research Fund
  1. Dorothy Dole Johnson '41
The Downing Family Scholarship of the Androscoggin Scholarship Endowment
  1. Frederick W. Downing '40, P'65, P'68
The Dr. Jason M. Tanzer Fund
  1. Jason M. Tanzer '59 and Lois B. Tanzer
Dunn Guest House Endowed Fund
  1. Robert E. Dunn '50, L.H.D.'99 and Gladys Bovino Dunn '51
The E. Robert Kinney Professorship in History
  1. Peter G. Lenz and Susan Lenz
  2. Mary M. Walker
  3. Wheelock Whitney
  4. Whitney Foundation
Elaine G. and Weston L. Bonney '50 Family Fund
  1. Alnylam US, Inc.
  2. Michael W. Bonney '80 and Alison Grott Bonney '80, P'09, P'12, P'15
  3. Weston L. Bonney '50 and Elaine G. Bonney P'80, P'81, GP'09, GP'12, GP'15
The Ellis W. Cole Scholarship Fund
  1. Carolyn Cole P'88
  2. Jennifer Guckel Porter '88 and Edward S. Porter P'15
The Ernest P. Muller Book Fund
  1. Christine Holden
The Ernest P. Muller Scholarship Fund
  1. Jonathan A. Zanger '79 and Jodi Tan
The Evelyn Everett and C. Everett Woodman '25 Scholarship Fund
  1. Thomas G. Woodman '53, P'80, GP'12
The Fine Family Scholarship
  1. James L. Fine '65 and Marcia Lee R. Fine P'93, P'97
  2. Lauren K. Fine '93 and Michael Singer
The Frances Rolfe McKnight '43 Scholarship Fund of the Androscoggin Scholarship Endowment
  1. Constance E. Ahara
  2. John L. Kelley
  3. David J. Kraske and Marjory Kraske
  4. Anne Larocca
  5. Ronald P. Lebel and Joanne Lebel
  6. Rick Martel and Ann Martel
  7. Cynthia Gutmann Morgan '91 and Keith P. Morgan
  8. James J. Orino and Wanda Orino
  9. Antoinette L. Ramsey
  10. Richard L. Trafton and Barbara M. Trafton P'00
  11. Mary A. Wood
Frederick Dennis and Clara Royden Hayes Scholarship Fund
  1. Anonymous (1)
  2. Patricia Hayes O'Donnell '67 and Patrick J. O'Donnell P'02
The Friends of Chicago Scholarship Fund
  1. Gordon Segal and Carole Browe Segal P'95, GP'17
  2. Segal Family Foundation
General Unrestricted Endowment
  1. Jungclaus-Campbell Co., Inc.
  2. Andrew J. Kageleiry '12
  3. Joanie Flenniken Meharry '07
  4. Pamela M. Meharry P'07
  5. Reto N. Morosani '02
  6. F. Timothy Nagler and Nancy Nagler P'05
  7. Stefan J. Palmer Jr. '99
  8. David H. Rabinowitz '05
  9. RBC Capital Markets Corporation
The Geoffrey Charde '88 Memorial Fund
  1. Lawrence C. Hardisty and Mary Hardisty
The Geoffrey Suess Law Traveling Scholarship
  1. Grant A. Faller and Andrea S. Faller P'06
George and Dorothy Healy International Scholarship
  1. Kenneth J. Eisner '71
The George E. and Jeannette Packard Stewart '46/'46 Scholarship Fund
  1. Jeannette Packard Stewart '46, P'72
George E. Ladd, Jr. Scholarship Fund
  1. Helen and George Ladd Charitable Corporation
  2. Lincoln Filene Ladd and Gloria Williams Ladd
The George L. Wigton Scholar Fund
  1. Jason W. Weiss '92 and Gayle Weiss
The Geraldine D. Smith '24 Scholarship Fund
  1. Estate of Geraldine D. Smith '24
The Grant S. Lewis' 62 and Shari Lewis Thompson HC'62 Scholarship Fund
  1. General Electric Foundation
  2. Alan M. Lewis '67 and Susan S. Lewis
  3. Richard K. Parker '62
Harry W. Rowe Endowed Fund
  1. Daniel D. Doucette and Lysanne R. Doucette
Harvey B. Goddard '20 Scholarship Fund
  1. Estate of Harvey B. Goddard '51
  2. Frank E. Mullet '47 and Marian Goddard Mullet '50, LL.D.'88
Hatch-Matheson Scholarship Fund
  1. Andrea J. Hatch P'87
  2. Mark J. Hatch '87 and Anne S. Hatch
The Hayes-Kinsel Scholarship Fund
  1. Arthur A. Hayes '60 and Sara Kinsel Hayes '61
Helene Hirshler Book Fund
  1. Linda Hathaway Fisher Bunza '68 and Geoffrey J. Bunza
Hollis Scholarship
  1. Peter B. Hollis '63 and Susan A. Hollis
Honorable Vincent L. McKusick '44 Faculty-Student Research Scholarship
  1. Roswell B. Perkins LL.D.'88 and Joan Perkins
Howard and Gail Loeb Kunreuther Endowed Fund for Faculty Research in Economics
  1. Howard & Gail Kunreuther Charitable Fund
  2. Howard C. Kunreuther '59 and Gail L. Kunreuther
The Jack Pribram and George Ruff Fund for Student Research
  1. H. Thomas Diehl III '82 and Brenna L. Flaugher '83
  2. John K. Pribram and Hope B. Pribram
The James and Erika O'Brien Scholarship Fund
  1. James F. O'Brien Jr. '91 and Erika Kristin H. O'Brien
The James D. Blum Fund for Foreign Study
  1. Marian S. Blum P'80
  2. Philip R. Marshall '80 and Pamela Marshall
  3. Robert R. Mezer and Lois Mezer
  4. Leonard Wilmot '48 and Ella Loud Wilmot '50
James G. Wallach '64 Unrestricted Fund
  1. Leonard S. Gruenberg Jr. and Jennifer Gruenberg
The James H. Goldsmith '87 Memorial Scholarship Fund
  1. Elizabeth Fisher Goldsmith '88
  2. Philip W. Goldsmith and Carol Goldsmith P'87
James W. Carignan '61 and Sally Larson Carignan '62 Fund for Community Programs
  1. Stephen B. Bishop '61 and Joan R. Bishop
  2. Sally Larson Carignan '62, HC'61, P'95
  3. Sally Marshall Corngold '62 and Richard F. Corngold
  4. Christine Holden
Jan Soltis Tuttle White '65 Fund
  1. Jan Soltis Tuttle White '65 and Benjamin W. White
The Jane '37 and Milton L. Lindholm '35 Scholarship Fund
  1. David R. Ault '57 and Norine Ault P'85
The Jane A. Downing '65 Scholarship Fund
  1. Jane A. Downing '65
The Janina A. Longtine, M.D. Scholarship Fund
  1. Janina A. Longtine P'12
  2. Longtine Charitable Foundation Trust
Jessamine A. Hayford Scholarship
  1. Estate of Dorothy H. Gender
The Joanna T. Skilogianis '86 Scholarship Fund
  1. Claude Desjardins and Jane C. Desjardins P'88
The Joanne Lindberg and Glenn W. Lindberg '55 Endowed Scholarship Fund
  1. Glenn W. Lindberg '55
  2. Merck and Company Inc.
The John and Sally Kelsey Prize for Neuroscience Student Research
  1. Stuart B. Abelson '97
  2. Robin L. Bitner '95 and Scott Sanchez
  3. Louis O. Douglass and Amy B. Douglass
  4. Grantwell
  5. Sanford Y. Paek '93 and Heidi Henrichs Paek '91
  6. Robin L. Bitner '95
  7. Michael Sargent
  8. Ellen Johnson Willmore '96 and Charles Willmore
The John B. Lawton Jr. '60 and Nancy A. Luther Lawton '62 Fund
  1. William R. Dewey IV '88 and Susan Luther Dewey '88
  2. William and Susan Dewey Charitable Gift Fund
The John E. Millar '71 Scholarship Fund
  1. Anonymous (2)
John H. '59 and Carol Swanson '60 Hooper Scholarship Fund
  1. John H. Hooper '59 and Carol Swanson Hooper '60
John Nolen Durkin '15 Scholarship Fund
  1. Anonymous (1)
  2. Abenaqui Country Club
  3. Ann Adams
  4. Susan Allen
  5. Patricia G. Allinson
  6. Alan L. Alper and Debra J. Alper P'12
  7. Simone Analetto
  8. Ann Bitetti and Doug Lober Fund
  9. Andrew B. Ashforth
  10. Susan J. Babcock and Perry Babcock
  11. Michael Bacon and Leslie Bacon
  12. Emma Bailey
  13. Gregory S. Baletsa
  14. Sean Bali
  15. Barclays Global Investors
  16. David J. Barnes and Susan Barnes
  17. Robert Bear and Cynthia Bear
  18. Thomas D. Beaton Jr. '10
  19. William Bellissimo
  20. Douglass A. Bermingham and Ann Bermingham
  21. Phoebe L. Bischoff
  22. Robert K. Blanchard and Dawn Blanchard
  23. Michael W. Bonney '80 and Alison Grott Bonney '80, P'09, P'12, P'15
  24. Paul D. Bosco and Diane C. Bosco P'15
  25. Ryan J. Bouchard '01 and Jennifer Lemkin Bouchard '99
  26. George H. Boynton
  27. Peter W. Bragdon and Dorothy Bragdon
  28. Peter Braseth and Janet Braseth
  29. Jeremy J. Braz and Cassandra H. Stanley
  30. Gail Bristow
  31. John K. Brooks
  32. Brookwood School, Inc.
  33. David S. Brown and Teresa S. Brown P'12, P'15
  34. Steven A. Brown '69 and Jane Bode Brown '69
  35. Scott Burns and Carol Burns
  36. Georgia Cady
  37. Linda C. Camel
  38. Oscar D. Cancio '08
  39. John Canning and Sherry Canning
  40. Peter J. Cannone and Susan E. Cannone P'15, P'17
  41. Capital Resource Partners
  42. Alicia W. Cargill
  43. Douglas M. Carilli and Cynthia R. Carilli P'15
  44. Matthew Casner
  45. Mark A. Chag and Deborah Chag
  46. John P. Charde and Sharon L. Charde P'88
  47. Thomas G. Christie
  48. Judith A. Ciafone
  49. Matthew P. Cocciardi '11
  50. Craig R. Colbath
  51. Ann L. Cole
  52. Steven A. Collins and Christine Collins
  53. Scott G. Comstock and Sandra L. Comstock P'14
  54. Patricia M. Connolly
  55. Teresa S. Cooper '11
  56. Paul R. Corcoran
  57. Louise R. Corman
  58. Cort and Sherry Delany Fund
  59. Archibald Cox Jr.
  60. Robert E. Cramer '79 and Molly R. Cramer P'13, P'14
  61. Judith N. Crimmins
  62. Susan M. Crimmins
  63. Bruce L. Czopek and Karen B. Czopek P'16
  64. Richard Dahling and Nancy Sanborn
  65. Michael Daigle
  66. Patricia S. Daly
  67. Hillyard R. Danforth and Priscilla Danforth
  68. Diane Daych
  69. Virginia de Liagre
  70. Richard F. Decina and Sherri L. Decina P'16
  71. Cort Delany and Sherry Delany
  72. Dempsey Insurance
  73. James C. Deveney Jr. and Sharon Deveney
  74. Diserio, Martin, O'Connor & Castiglioni L.L.P.
  75. Meaghan E. Doherty '14
  76. Michael J. Donahue and Diane Donahue
  77. Donahue, Tucker & Ciandella, PLLC
  78. Sharon S. Donnermeyer
  79. Dana Donovan and Beverly Donovan
  80. James J. Donovan
  81. John E. Dowd and Linda M. Dowd P'13
  82. John D. Dugan and Karen A. Dugan P'16
  83. David Dumont and Stephanie J. Dumont
  84. Ruth E. Dunfey
  85. Robert Dunlap and Jess Dunlap
  86. Dunn Rush & Co. LLC
  87. Alec J. Durkin
  88. Elizabeth R. Durkin
  89. Frederick W. Durkin '11
  90. Ian B. Durkin
  91. Patrick Durkin and Kristen Durkin
  92. Thomas Durkin and Susan Durkin
  93. Timothy J. Durkin and Mary E. Durkin P'11, P'12, P'15
  94. Virginia L. Durkin GP'11, GP'12, GP'15
  95. William A. Durkin III and Martha Durkin
  96. William Durkin
  97. Bill Dwyer and Christine Dwyer
  98. Betty B. Eberhart P'85
  99. Lisa B. Eberhart P'12, P'15
  100. Robina W. Egertson
  101. Tony Ehinger and Marianne Ehinger
  102. Kirk J. Emge and Elizabeth Emge
  103. Steven Eskenazi
  104. Eskenazi Family Philanthropic Fund
  105. Irwin R. Ettinger and Arlene Ettinger
  106. Christopher C. Felton '05 and Erin Johnson Felton '07
  107. Bruce A. Ferland and Janet Ferland
  108. Norman A. Fieber
  109. Robert B. Field Jr. and Elizabeth Field
  110. Fay I. FitzGerald
  111. Joseph C. Flaherty Jr. and Eva M. Flaherty P'17
  112. Stewart Flaherty and Jessica A. Flaherty
  113. Cole Forbes and Amy Forbes
  114. Mark K. Forsyth and Diane Forsyth
  115. Foundation for Seacoast Health
  116. Mark B. Fox
  117. Patricia W. Fox
  118. Steven B. Fox
  119. Michael E. Frank and Tricia Frank
  120. Olivia Frank
  121. John D. Freeman and Kate Freeman
  122. Scott D. Freeman '85 and Kristine Falvey Freeman '86, P'16, P'18
  123. Peter Fregeau
  124. Alden French III and Elizabeth French
  125. Jameson S. French and Priscilla French
  126. Matthew R. Friel and Lesli Friel
  127. Julianne Gallant
  128. Scott Gardiner and Kimberly Gardiner
  129. Carl E. Gardner Jr. and Rosemary R. Gardner P'15
  130. Steven Genestreti and Deborah Genestreti
  131. Alexander T. Gentilli '10
  132. Gesmer Updegrove LLP
  133. Patrick F. Gilligan and Lee Ann M. Gilligan P'15
  134. James D. Glascott and Deirdre Glascott
  135. Richard A. Goldrick and Cynthia Goldrick
  136. Thomas W. Gorman and Janet Gorman
  137. Lawrence B. Gormley and Patricia Gormley
  138. Robert E. Grady and Colleen Grady
  139. Tamara Grenier
  140. Joseph Guyton and Dodi Guyton
  141. Jeffrey M. Haley P'16
  142. Frederic Hammond
  143. Steven M. Hankin and Lisa Hankin
  144. Timothy A. Hanson and Janet Hanson
  145. Suzanne B. Harley
  146. Eugene J. Harning and Susan L. Harning P'13
  147. Theresa P. Harrigan
  148. Rebecca M. Harrison
  149. Joel Hawes and Elizabeth Hawes
  150. W. Jeffrey Helm '76 and Cynthia M. Helm P'12
  151. Robert W. Hickey and Patricia Hickey
  152. David H. Hild and Alyce F. Hild P'84, P'95, GP'15
  153. David N. Hild '84 and Susan Miller Hild '84, P'15
  154. Scott Hildreth
  155. Hildreth Family Fund
  156. Hillyard and Priscilla Danforth Gift Fund
  157. Brian T. Hines and Kathleen S. Hines P'13
  158. Susan S. Hinrichs
  159. Michele M. Hochschwender
  160. Anne C. Hodsdon
  161. Lee Hodson and Cathleen Hodson
  162. Daniel C. Hoefle
  163. Kevin J. Holian
  164. Pamela O. Hoppi
  165. Catherine Houlihan-Herold
  166. Martin Husslage and Robin Husslage
  167. Raymond J. Jarvis and Kay Jarvis
  168. Adam P. Jaskievic '06
  169. Judith A. Jellinek
  170. Richard Jenkinson and Victoria Jenkinson
  171. Teresa Jenson
  172. JMC Management LLC
  173. Halle G. Johns '16
  174. Elizabeth W. Johnson
  175. Eric P. Johnson and Elizabeth Johnson
  176. Amelia I. Jones
  177. Peter Kagunye and Roseanne Kagunye
  178. Michael Kaminer
  179. David M. Kaplan Jr. '85 and Clare K. Kaplan P'16
  180. Peter G. Kasnet
  181. Marla J. Katz
  182. Michael Kelleher and Robyn J. Kelleher P'15
  183. Elbert Kelley
  184. Ronald King and Suzanne King
  185. Edward J. Kirkpatrick
  186. Alexandra D. Klein '14
  187. Michael F. Klein
  188. Theresa L. Koszalka
  189. Riley E. Kundtz '13
  190. Julie Kutchin
  191. Gerard LaRocca
  192. William J. Leahey Jr. '52 and Ruth B. Leahey P'86, P'88
  193. Leslie B. Leathersich
  194. Richard Legro
  195. Bob LeGros and Barbara Frazoso
  196. Douglas C. Leonhardt and Patricia A. Leonhardt P'11
  197. Kerri L. Leonhardt '11
  198. Seaver W. Leslie and Anne C. Leslie P'15
  199. Stephen M. Lessing
  200. Lessing Foundation
  201. Barbara E. Levenson
  202. Dana Levenson and Shaula Levenson
  203. Stuart Levenson
  204. Patricia L. Leyman
  205. James T. Lilly Jr. and Tracy M. Lilly P'16
  206. Douglas J. Lober and Ann M. Bitetti P'15
  207. Losik Family Fund
  208. Emmett E. Lyne
  209. Luanne M. Lyons P'17
  210. David MacAllaster
  211. Kathleene MacAlpine
  212. Jay MacNamee
  213. Virginia M. MacVicar
  214. Christopher L. Magendantz '91 and Kristin Bierly Magendantz '92
  215. Richard M. Magnan
  216. Kathleen Mahoney
  217. Gerry Male
  218. Derek Malila
  219. Timothy J. Mardin and Cheryl C. Mardin P'17
  220. William S. Marella and Kirsten Marella
  221. Terence Markey and Constance Markey
  222. Jane Mastrianni
  223. Alixe Mattingly
  224. Ysabel B. McAleer
  225. David McArdle and Nancy McArdle
  226. Kevin McCaffrey and Cara McCaffrey
  227. Samuel G. McConnell
  228. Joan McCormick
  229. Joseph J. McDermott '06 and Jenna Cook
  230. Ryan B. McGill and Christine McGill
  231. Katherine E. McGrath
  232. Kevin A. McHugh and Bonnie McHugh
  233. Kelly J. McManus '12
  234. Peter J. McManus
  235. W. P. McMullan
  236. McMullan Family Fund
  237. Peter M. McPhail and Sylvia McPhail
  238. Paul M. Meister and Susan Meister
  239. Meister and Montrone Families Fund
  240. Richard M. Merullo and Pamela L. Merullo P'12
  241. Shelagh C. Michaud
  242. Gregg M. Mikolaities and Anne Mikolaities
  243. Julie A. Miller-Hendry '09
  244. Constantinos G. Mokas and Elizabeth L. Mokas P'15
  245. Paul M. Montrone and Sandra Montrone
  246. Keith Moores and Mary Moores
  247. Ryan Moores
  248. Todd Moores
  249. Irving L. Morris and Ellen Morris
  250. Jennifer C. Moseley
  251. Belinda Mulvey
  252. Karen E. Murphy
  253. Shepherd P. Murray and Margo Murray
  254. Nadeau Law Offices
  255. Nathan and Hannah Winebaum Fund
  256. Chris Nee
  257. Owen J. Newson and Gloria M. Newson P'15
  258. Katherine A. Nickerson '08
  259. Anna E. Noucas
  260. Claire O'Brien
  261. William J. O'Brien and Susan O'Brien
  262. Daniel W. O'Connor and Julia O'Connor
  263. Pierce O'Neil and Ashley O'Neil
  264. Mark M. O'Neill and Clara I. O'Neill P'12
  265. Debra A. Oliver
  266. Oliver Group LLC
  267. Mary K. Oztemel
  268. Jon D. Packer
  269. Marina A. Pappas '11
  270. Walt Patton and Ellen Patton
  271. Sarah Risley Pearson '75
  272. Rosalie D. Philip '13
  273. William V. Philip and Jennifer B. Philip P'13
  274. Mary Picard-Reilly
  275. Jeffrey H. Pierce and Margaret H. Pierce P'10, P'12, P'14
  276. Pierce Family Charitable Fund
  277. Diane C. Pinakiewicz
  278. Mary B. Pivirotto
  279. Patrick C. Planche and Corinne Planche P'15
  280. Prince Communications
  281. Richard Quinn and Sara Quinn
  282. Andrew V. Rankowitz
  283. Torben Rasmussen
  284. Chris J. Reaney and Susie Reaney
  285. Matthew C. Regan III and Deidre B. Regan P'17
  286. Dennis M. Reilley and Joan Reilley
  287. Margaret E. Reilly '12
  288. Michael J. Retelle and Julie Retelle
  289. Robert J. Rice and Julie Rice
  290. Elaine F. Richards
  291. Jennifer Richter
  292. James D. Riley and Linda J. Riley P'16
  293. Risk Strategies Company
  294. River Oaks Condo Association Community
  295. Magued Rizkalla
  296. Robert B. and Elizabeth H. Field Jr. Charitable Fund
  297. Elisabeth Robinson
  298. Lauren Robinson
  299. Christine Rogerson
  300. Lisa A. Romeo '88
  301. David A. Rosania and Pamela F. Rosania P'08, P'14
  302. Steven P. Rosenthal and Joan Rosenthal
  303. Richard R. Russell
  304. Rye Junior High School
  305. Antonella Salvi
  306. Jeffrey Samuel
  307. Doris R. Sanborn
  308. Sanborn Dahling Fund
  309. James Sanders and Gail Sanders
  310. Leah P. Schad
  311. Eric H. Schless and Lesley I. Schless P'14
  312. Bill Schleyer and Mary Schleyer
  313. Schleyer Foundation
  314. Steven J. Schmelz '79 and Heidi Brockelman Schmelz '79, P'06, P'14
  315. Peter A. Schmidt-Fellner
  316. Ralph A. Scichilone and Judith S. Scichilone P'12
  317. Thomas J. Sedoric and Barbara Sedoric
  318. Fred A. Seigel and Donna Seigel
  319. Steven G. Shapiro
  320. Mark Shedrofsky
  321. Peter M. Sherwood and Sarah W. Sherwood P'14
  322. William Sillin and Elizabeth Sillin
  323. Tom Singleton and Linn Singleton
  324. Scott J. Sirois and Chrissy Sirois
  325. William Skaff
  326. Christopher D. Snow and Melissa Snow
  327. Steven F. Snyder and Terri Snyder
  328. Kathleen Solimine
  329. Henry Sonneborn and Suzanne Sonneborn
  330. Thomas L. Southworth
  331. Todd E. Spencer and Amy Spencer
  332. John E. Spillane and Barbara C. Spillane P'17
  333. Andrew J. St. James '08
  334. Kara E. Stefaniak '14
  335. Steven G. Shapiro Charitable Trust
  336. Peter Strachan and Ann Strachan
  337. Lisa G. Stuart
  338. James A. Sullivan and Alane Sullivan
  339. Summer Sessions Surf Shop
  340. Theresa Suominen
  341. John Surprenant and Nancy Surprenant
  342. James R. Tanner
  343. Edward H. Tate II
  344. The Losik Family
  345. Michael D. Toner and Catherine Toner
  346. Garritt Toohey and Debbi Toohey
  347. Robert F. Towey
  348. Roger D. Traubert and Elizabeth C. Traubert P'11
  349. John Turpin
  350. Mark J. Vallely
  351. Marnie L. Vallely
  352. James P. Von Euw and Maureen Von Euw
  353. Peter von Gal
  354. Sarah W. Vorder Bruegge
  355. James E. Walker III
  356. Suzanne M. Wall
  357. Richard M. Wallis
  358. Philip Walsh and Virginia Walsh
  359. Thomas A. Walter and Jennifer L. Hartshorn
  360. Bruce L. Warwick
  361. Donald R. Welsh and Carol Welsh
  362. Amanda L. Wescott '13
  363. Robert M. Whelan Jr. and Kathleen M. Whelan P'05
  364. Margaret E. Whitlock
  365. Michael M. Whittier and Stacy Whittier
  366. Bruce C. Williams and Jean Williams
  367. Edward R. Williams Jr. and Mary Williams
  368. Williams College Basketball Team 2013/2014
  369. William J. Willis Jr. and Martha Willis
  370. Keller J. Wilson '12
  371. Tari J. Wilson
  372. Ryan C. Wimberly '08 and Meghan Conley Wimberly '08
  373. Nathan H. Winebaum '10
  374. Samuel L. Winebaum and Dominique M. Winebaum P'10
  375. John A. Wisnowski and Marie Wisnowski
  376. Stephen H. Witt and Michelle Witt
  377. Andrew Woolford
  378. Woolford Family Charitable Fund
  379. E. Hilton Wright
  380. Mari K. Wright '07
  381. Robert Wyman and Suzanne Wyman
  382. Jean P. Wyner
  383. York Paddle Tennis Club
  384. John F. Zwetchkenbaum and Kimberly C. Zwetchkenbaum P'15
John R. Cole Prize for Outstanding Achievement in History
  1. Heather Larlee Ries '86
The John R. Hester '75 Endowment Fund
  1. John R. Hester '75
The John Tagliabue Poetry Fund
  1. Catherine Hatton Attig '78 and John Attig
  2. Scott H. Balcomb '75 and Abigail Sanborn '75, P'14
The John Winston Levinson and Elizabeth Winston Levinson Scott Scholarship Fund
  1. James N. Hood and Elinor Levinson Hood
Jonathan Blair '89 and Tena Fishman '89 Frank Fund
  1. Capital Group Companies
  2. Jonathan B. Frank '89 and Tena Fishman Frank '89
  3. Tena and Blair Frank Charitable Fund
Jou S. and Mabel Tchao Scholarship
  1. Jou and Mabel Tchao Charitable Gift Fund
  2. Jou S. Tchao and Mabel Tchao
The Judge Yale Matzkin Scholarship Fund
  1. Steven B. Belkin and Joan Belkin
  2. Charles D. Forman and Jane Forman
  3. Forman Family Fund
  4. Moises Gelrud and Mary Gelrud
  5. Susana Goihman
  6. Don L. Goldenberg and Patty Goldenberg
  7. Brett A. Gordon and Abby Gordon
  8. Meredith B. Haas
  9. Douglas G. Jacobs and Mary Jacobs
  10. Joseph H. Matzkin '66 and Linda G. Matzkin P'95
  11. Michael Matzkin and Sara Matzkin
  12. Charlie O'Donnell and Jane H. O'Donnell
  13. Alan W. Potter and Gayle Potter
  14. Robert Schlundt and Natalie Schlundt
  15. Sandra D. Stone
The Kavork and Mushginaz Derderian Scholarship
  1. Robert K. Devejian FR'48 Revocable Trust
Lawrence D. Kimball, Jr. '52 and C. Owen Greene '21 Scholarship Fund
  1. Catherine M. Kimball '80 and Alan C. Stevens
The Mabel Eaton Bates Key Scholarship Fund
  1. College Key
Maine Scholarship Fund
  1. John T. Gorman Foundation
Marjorie Goodbout Hovgard '33 Scholarship
  1. Estate of Marjorie Goodbout Hovgard '33
The Matthew David Arciaga '93 Scholarship Fund
  1. Alexander C. Dyer '93 and Sibylle Dyer
  2. Ernst and Young
  3. Lauren K. Fine '93 and Michael Singer
  4. Brandon Sutcliffe '93
The Michael F. and Ruth M. Keenan Scholarship Fund
  1. James F. Keenan '61 and Sandra Keenan P'85
The Milliken Wade Family Fund
  1. Robert G. Wade Jr. '50 and Shirley K. Wade
Milton L. Lindholm '35 and Jane Ault Lindholm '37 Book Fund
  1. George W. Bardaglio Jr. '76 and Wendy L. Ault '76
  2. Alyson Tricco Quinnelly '76
The Morse Family Scholarship Fund
  1. M. Patricia Morse '60
The Nancy Lofstedt Clayton '53 Library Fund
  1. Ronald Clayton '53 and Dorothy Pierce Morris '52, P'79, P'81
The Nguyen Scholarship Fund
  1. Quan C. Nguyen '76 and Hao T. Nguyen
The Norman E. Bowie '64 Scholarship Fund
  1. Norman E. Bowie '64 and Maureen Burns-Bowie
Nowell Blake Family Scholarship
  1. Wendy Blake Nitsos '82 and James A. Nitsos
The Olivia and Ellwood Straub Endowment
  1. Carl B. Straub
The Oren B. Cheney Scholarship Fund
  1. James F. Callahan Jr. '65 and Elsa H. Callahan
  2. James F. Callahan Jr.'65 Gift Fund
  3. Nancy G. McKusick HC'44, P'74, P'76, GP'11
  4. Vincent L. McKusick '44, LL.D.'79, P'74, P'76, GP'11 (d)
  5. Gordon Segal and Carole Browe Segal P'95, GP'17
  6. Segal Family Foundation
The Parmelee Library Fund
  1. David W. Parmelee '64 and Arlene J. Parmelee P'94, P'04
Paul N. Carpenter '33 Scholarship
  1. Anonymous (1)
The Pellicani Family Endowment
  1. Linda Pellicani McClane and Michael McClane
  2. Susan S. Pellicani '68
  3. Verizon Foundation
Percy D. Wilkins Mathematics Award
  1. Anonymous (1)
  2. T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.
Peter M. Goodrich '89 Scholarship Fund
  1. Rachel Carr Goodrich '90
The Philip J. Otis Endowment
  1. Lauren K. Fine '93 and Michael Singer
Pierce-Munyan Scholarship
  1. Richard E. Carlson and Marjorie W. Carlson P'99
  2. Polly U. Champ
  3. Janice D. Gauthier
  4. Robert C. Gauthier and Frances Gauthier
  5. Nancy Mills Mallett '56 and Russell B. Mallett Jr.
  6. Brenda Buttrick Snyder '56 and Bruce E. Snyder
  7. Diane Felt Swett '56
Plavin-Sakolsky Endowment for Dance
  1. Christopher M. Cooper '97 and Erin E. Gottwald '98
  2. Amy S. Gordon '79
  3. David W. Iverson P'01
  4. David M. Plavin '77
  5. Marcy P. Plavin P'77
  6. Stephen Plavin and Lisa Plavin
  7. Stephen and Lisa Plavin Charitable Gift Fund
  8. Glenda J. Winn '74
  9. Richard C. Zawalich '75 and Deborah Radding Zawalich '74
Post-Munson Scholarship
  1. Peter B. Post '58 and Jane Anderson Post '58, P'82, P'87, GP'18
Presidential Fund for Financial Aid
  1. Ann E. Bushmiller '79 and Albert Cacozza Jr. P'17
  2. Timothy S. Rattray and Carol Lind Rattray P'11
  3. Rattray Kimura Foundation
The Priscilla Butler Memorial Fund
  1. Robert M. Butler '88 and Darcy Butler
Priscilla W. and Randall E. Webber Class of 1936 Scholarship Fund
  1. Carolyn Webber Nelson '62
The Professor Leland and Claudina Bechtel Fund
  1. Mark Bechtel
  2. Ina Hanford Cottingham '83 and M. C. Cottingham Jr.
Ralph H. and Adah Tasker Tukey Scholarship
  1. Estate of John W. Tukey
The Ralph J. Chances Economics Prize
  1. Anonymous (1)
  2. Scott H. Balcomb '75 and Abigail Sanborn '75, P'14
Rayborn L. Zerby Memorial Fund
  1. Estate of Robert W. Towse '48
Reverend Shibly D. Malouf Scholarship
  1. Shibly D. Malouf Jr. '55 and Laura Anne P. Malouf
Richard J. Calcutt '65 Memorial Scholarship
  1. Alice R. Calcutt P'65
The Richard L. and Marjorie Walther Keach '44/'46 Scholarship Fund
  1. Richard L. Keach '44 and Marjorie Walther Keach '46, P'70, P'77
  2. Alison Keach Shenkus '70 and Robert Shenkus
Richard R. Coughlin '53 and Norma Crooks Coughlin '52 Scholarship Fund
  1. Richard F. Coughlin '53 and Norma Crooks Coughlin '52
The Richard W. Sampson Lecture Fund
  1. Scott H. Balcomb '75 and Abigail Sanborn '75, P'14
  2. Mary C. Giglio '82 and Peter Ciesielski
  3. Sysco Corporation
Robert P. and Kathleen Curry Akers Faculty Support Endowed Fund
  1. David W. Libbey '70 and Diane Akers Libbey '68
Robert Paul Ahern Scholarship Fund
  1. Richard J. Andren '64 and Joan Spruill Andren '64
  2. David C. Campbell '64 and Diana R. Campbell
  3. John G. David '64, P'96 (d)
  4. Diane Gallo DeFrancisci '64
  5. Marilyn Fuller Deraney '64 and Peter Deraney
  6. John R. Devendorf '64 and Carol L. Devendorf
  7. Nancy Nichols Dixon '64 and Richard H. Dixon
  8. Douglas C. Dobson '64 and Barbara Dobson
  9. Judith H. Ellinwood '64
  10. Alice Winter Empie '64 and Howard L. Empie Jr.
  11. William J. Gardiner '64 and Pauline Grimmeisen Gardiner '65
  12. Ronald T. Green '64 and Maria Green
  13. Sarah Smith Halliday '64
  14. Katherine Mincher Harding '64, GP'12
  15. Joseph and Jane Prendergast Fund
  16. Paul A. Ketchum '64 and Robin Ketchum
  17. Brian J. Langdon '64 and Marie D. Langdon
  18. A. David McNab '62 and Elizabeth Metz McNab '64, P'87, GP'18
  19. John E. Meyn '64, HC'63 and Karen P. Meyn
  20. Margaret Morse '64
  21. Ingrid Kaiser Muller '64 and Christopher Muller P'94, P'01
  22. Jon D. Olsen '64
  23. Anne T. Packard '64
  24. Judy Tulin Parker '64 and Thomas J. Parker
  25. Meredith Ainscough Parker '64 and Craig A. Parker Jr.
  26. David W. Parmelee '64 and Arlene J. Parmelee P'94, P'04
  27. Joyce Killay Patton '64 and Glenn Patton
  28. David M. Piasecki '64 and Ruth Ellen A. Piasecki
  29. Paul D. Planchon '64 and Susan S. Planchon
  30. Jane McGrath Prendergast '64 and George J. Prendergast
  31. Elizabeth Dowd Rubino '64
  32. Eric C. Silverberg '64 and Rhoda Morrill Silverberg '64
  33. Ronald A. Stead '64 and Jerilyn S. Stead
  34. Stephen S. Talbot '64 and Sandra L. Talbot
  35. Nancy Day Walker '64
  36. F. Scott Wilkins '64 and Alexandra D. Wilkins
  37. Alan D. Williams '64 and Sandy Prohl Williams '64, P'91
  38. William A. Young III '64 and Diana P. Young P'91
The Robert S. Moyer Prizes Fund
  1. Beth Lee
  2. Robert S. Moyer and Catherine A. Lee
  3. Jason Moyer-Lee
Roger C. Schmutz '54 Faculty Research Fund
  1. Anonymous (1)
Royce D. Purinton Scholarship
  1. Arthur L. Purinton II '64 and Janet L. Purinton P'98, P'06
Sadler Fund
  1. John E. Sadler Jr. and Ami Sadler P'87, P'90
Samuel Brown '30 and Jennie Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund
  1. Louis B. Brown '59 and Bobbie S. Brown
The Sarah Trafton Memorial Fund of the Bates Morse Mountain Reserve
  1. James M. Armstrong
  2. Frances T. Barnes
  3. Arthur L. Edmunds and Susan Edmunds
  4. Kevin D. Hart
  5. Rochester Area Community Foundation
  6. Barbara W. Trafton and Bruce Beall
  7. Jotham A. Trafton and Adelaide Trafton
  8. Peter G. Trafton and Frances Trafton P'02
  9. Rebecca W. Trafton
  10. Richard L. Trafton and Barbara M. Trafton P'00
The Sherman Family Scholarship Fund
  1. Robert F. Sherman '64 and Carolyn Kinney Sherman '64
The Shirley Snow Nicolai Landscape Endowment
  1. Shirley Snow Nicolai '63 and Frank A. Nicolai
Somes Family Scholarship
  1. Jamie Slimmon Somes '80
The Stangle Family Fund
  1. Bruce Stangle Charitable Fund
  2. Bruce E. Stangle '70 and Emily Siegel Stangle '72, P'96
  3. Milton J. Yanofsky and Pamela Z. Yanofsky P'10, P'14
Stanley L. and Madeleine R. Freeman '47/'47 Scholarship
  1. Stanley L. Freeman Jr. '47
The Stone Family Fund
  1. Carol Stone Beyna '65 and Ronald E. Beyna
The Sturgis Family Scholarship Fund
  1. Douglas S. Sturgis and Melissa Sturgis
  2. Erma Rowe Sturgis '46, P'69, GP'93
  3. Jeffrey D. Sturgis '69 and Susan F. Sturgis P'93
The Susan MacNeil Varney '83 Scholarship Fund
  1. Bank of America
  2. Nancy Foley Battaglino '83 and Adam Battaglino
  3. Charles P. Brown '83 and Lynn Brown
  4. Carolyn S. Campbell-McGovern '83 and William McGovern
  5. CIGNA Foundation
  6. Citizen Financial Group, Inc.
  7. Mark G. DeFranco '83 and Susan M. DeFranco
  8. Elizabeth Bartman Feery '83 and Thomas J. Feery
  9. Fidelity Foundation
  10. Massachusetts Financial Services Company
  11. Stephen M. McGuirk '83 and Shari Sagan McGuirk '83
  12. Denise C. Mooney '83
  13. Peter L. Nikitas '83 and Lianne Welch Nikitas '83
  14. Michael G. Ouellet '83 and Lisa Ouellet
  15. Elisabeth Veilleux Piker '83 and Keith R. Piker
  16. Derek W. Richner '83 and Mary K. Terry '83
  17. Mary Couillard Schneller '83 and Jacob Schneller
  18. Terence M. Welch '83
The Susan Majeski McKnight '70 Fund for Environmental Studies
  1. Elizabeth McKnight Hickey '99 and Brian Hickey
  2. G. Stanley McKnight '70 and Sophie Gibbard P'96, P'99
  3. Scott E. Steinberg '86 and Sarah McKnight Steinberg '96
The Sylvia Stuber, Walker R. Heap, M.D., and Lois Stuber Scholarship Fund
  1. Walker R. Heap '50 and Sylvia Stuber Heap '50
Thomas D. and Margaret A. Crumley Scholarship
  1. Margaret A. Crumley HC'52
  2. General Electric Foundation
The Thomas L. and Verna Geddes Morison '34 Scholarship Fund
  1. David B. Eastwood and Judith M. Eastwood
The Vernon A. and Helen Pratt Clarkson '46 Scholarship Fund
  1. Helen Pratt Clarkson '46, GP'07
The Vincent H. Nelson Scholarship Fund
  1. Ralph A. Nelson '61 and Anne M. Nelson
The Walter I. Deacon, Jr. Scholarship Fund
  1. Deborah L. Deacon
  2. Ross I. Deacon '59 and Pauline M. Guenette P'89
  3. Steven G. Fittshur and Paulette E. Fittshur
The William B. Thomas Scholarship Fund
  1. Andrew G. Baker '91 and Melissa Baldwell
  2. Clifford W. Baker Jr. '64 and Patricia Dehle Baker '64, P'91
William C. and Harriet Belt Nutting '41 Scholarship
  1. Atlantic CommTech Corporation
  2. John T. Lyons and Janet Lyons
  3. Elizabeth P. Powell
William H. Dunham '32 Family Scholarship Fund
  1. Thomas B. Dunham and Sandra W. Dunham P'05
William H. Sawyer, Jr. '13 and Beatrice Burr Sawyer '18 Scholarship Fund
  1. Richard F. Hoyt Jr. '64
The Williams Family Scholarship Fund
  1. Alan D. Williams '64 and Sandy Prohl Williams '64, P'91
The Williamson Fund of the Andrscoggin Scholarship Endowment
  1. Elizabeth Fisher Goldsmith '88
  2. Kirk D. Read and Camille S. Parrish
The Willsey Family Scholarship Fund
  1. Lynn W. Willsey '54 and Beverly Hayne Willsey '55, P'79, P'81, P'89, GP'18