Parents Fund Committee

Bates gains strength from Parents Fund Committee volunteers, who help secure annual gifts that close the gap between tuition revenues and overall budget needs. We are grateful for the gifts of service the following volunteers gave to Bates in 2013-14:

Class of 2014 Committee
  1. Kathleen Tucker Burke '81, P'13, P'14
  2. Steven M. Burke '81, P'13, P'14
  3. Robert E. Cramer '79, P'13, P'14
  4. Jed E. Dawson P'14
  5. Kirsten M. Dawson P'14
  6. Brian M. Gingras P'13
  7. Nancy A. Gingras P'13
  8. Brian T. Nixon P'14
  9. Sarah A. Nixon P'14
Class of 2015 Committee
  1. Kathleen M. Auda P'15
  2. Samuel M. Cuddeback III P'15
  3. Karen Doeblin P'15
  4. Giovanna C. Lee P'15
  5. Peter D. Skaperdas P'15
  6. Ann Sorice P'15
  7. John Sorice P'15
Class of 2016 Committee
  1. Nancy T. Brooks P'16
  2. Peter C. Brooks P'16
  3. Lee J. Cuba P'16
  4. Patricia M. Ewick P'16
  5. Victor M. Frye P'16, Co-Chair
  6. Gary Gluckow P'16
  7. Michelle Gluckow P'16
  8. Carole W. Levin P'09, P'16
  9. James L. Levin P'09, P'16
  10. James T. Lilly Jr. P'16
  11. Tracy M. Lilly P'16
  12. Jonathan N. Savage P'16
  13. Judith C. Savage P'16
  14. Gretchen L. Zekiel P'16, Co-Chair
Class of 2017 Committee
  1. Jill K. Backman P'17
  2. Christopher M. Byrd P'17
  3. Kimberley Lawrence Byrd '82, P'17
  4. Veronica W. Chisholm P'13, P'17
  5. W. Reed Chisholm II P'13, P'17
  6. Dafna W. Kaufman P'17
  7. Greg A. Kaufman P'17
  8. Jean Y. Kingston P'17
  9. John Kingston III P'17
  10. Suzan D. Kramer P'17
  11. Terry D. Kramer P'17
  12. James R. Lowry P'17
  13. Anita S. Pellet P'17
  14. Christopher S. Segal P'17
  15. Karen C. Segal P'17
  16. Perry M. Traquina P'13, P'17
  17. Robin R. Traquina P'13, P'17
  18. Christopher L. Varner P'17
Parents of Alumni Committee
  1. Pamela J. Dowling P'12
  2. James T. Healey Jr. P'12
  3. Linda Infelise P'09
  4. Robert D. Infelise P'09
  5. Grant L. Jacks P'12
  6. Margaret S. Jacks P'12
  7. Cherry C. Karlson P'13
  8. James A. Karlson P'13
  9. Carol A. Marine P'12
  10. Richard L. Smith P'12
  11. Kathleen M. Whelan P'05
  12. Robert M. Whelan Jr. P'05
  13. Thomas J. White III P'11