Endowed Fund Gifts

Bates is deeply grateful to endowed fund donors, whose gifts support the enduring strengths and essential mission of the college. The honor roll recognizes alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, friends, corporations and foundations who made gifts to Bates from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

  1. 5 or more consecutive years of giving
  2. Mount David Society-level gifts Learn more
  3. Both of the above
The Abbott-Hall Scholarship Fund
  1. Ann W. H. Dorr '73
  2. Richard L. Hall HC'41, P'73
The Aghababian-Wicks Family Fund for Financial Aid
  1. Bruce W. Wicks '74 and Victoria Aghababian Wicks '74, P'04, P'08
The Agnes Margaret Erickson Scholarship Fund
  1. Kristen Y. Bartle
The Allen L. McCue '33 Scholarship Fund
  1. Marian McCue
The American Indian Scholarship Fund
  1. Donald R. Pongrace '79 and Olwen Pongrace
The Androscoggin Scholarship Fund
  1. Eileen B. Carbonneau '78
  2. Susan B. Dunning and Matthew J. Carter
  3. Thomas A. Guthrie '81 and Denise I. Blanchette '83
  4. Jon Oxman and Marjorie J. Oxman
  5. Amie M. Parker and Michael A. Thomas
  6. Lynn Piper and Richard C. Piper
  7. Kelsey E. Purinton and W. D. Bear Brewer
  8. Edward Z. Walworth and Candace C. Walworth
  9. Walworth Family Fund
The Ann and Charles Bucknam '53 Scholarship Fund
  1. Charlotte Ann H. Bucknam HC'53, P'87
  2. Edward H. Bucknam '87 and Dana Michelle L. Bucknam
The Anthol/Mantyla Family Scholarship Fund
  1. Joyce E. Mantyla '65
The Anthony B. and Raeflyn R. Pelliccia Fund for Student Research
  1. Joseph G. Pelliccia and Patricia Pelliccia
The Arden Scholarship Fund
  1. Peter J. Friedman '92 and Marjorie (Kitty) Northrop Friedman '95
  2. Mary W. Harriman Foundation
The Arlene L. and William M. Harris Scholarship Fund
  1. Wendy Harris Garber '89 and Richard Garber
  2. Hallamore Pipe Venture Corporation
  3. Burton M. Harris '59 and Shirley D. Harris P'89, GP'16
Atsuko Hirai Lantern Maintenance Fund
  1. Estate of Atsuko Hirai, faculty emerita
The Barbara M. Doane '54 Scholarship Fund
  1. Barbara M. Doane '54 (d)
The Barbara Poling Welbourn Memorial Fund
  1. Martha Welbourn Freeman '75 and John Freeman
  2. David M. Welbourn '71 and Lynn Bitzer Welbourn '71
The Barefoot Family Scholarship Fund
  1. John R. Barefoot II '92
  2. UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Bates College Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
  1. Kenneth E. Spalding '73 and Susanne G. Spalding
The Bates Outing Club Support Fund
  1. Judith A. Marden '66
  2. Kenneth E. Spalding '73 and Susanne G. Spalding
  3. Elenor D. van Gemeren '13
  4. Theodore A. Walls '90 and Azihan Tuleubay
  5. Mark H. Whitney '85 and Tara Whitney
The Beatrice J. and James F. Callahan Scholarship Fund
  1. James F. Callahan Jr. '65 and Elsa H. Callahan
  2. Callahan Family Fund
Benjamin E. Mays Scholarship
  1. Bradford Hobbs '86 and Andrea D. Fant-Hobbs
  2. William H. Tucker '67 and Monica Drozd
  3. Alicia Hunter Warner '94 and Walter Warner
Bernard R. Carpenter Employee Emergency Fund
  1. Bates College Staff Association
  2. Estate of Phyllis I. Mixer
  3. Phyllis I. Mixer (d)
  4. Raymond F. Potter Jr. '71 and Priscilla Baird Potter '71
  5. Sawyer F. Sylvester Jr. and Sheila Sylvester
  6. Anne D. Williams
Bert Andrews Room Equipment Fund
  1. Ruth Andrews Morris '72 and James W. Morris
  2. Lindsay B. Schuyler '74 and J. Chuck Hrenchuk
The Blanche and Walden Hobbs '18/'18 and William F. Hobbs '54 Scholarship Fund
  1. Barbara M. Hobbs HC'54, P'81
  2. Cynthia M. Hobbs '81 and Edmond Chaffee
The Boothby Family Fund
  1. Toby Bell and Vickie Bell
  2. George Gooch
  3. Elizabeth M. Gordon
  4. Ralph A. Gould Jr. and Hazel Gould, GP'05
  5. Natalie L. Hague
  6. Glen R. Hansen '48 and Elizabeth May Hansen '47
  7. John Huston Jr.
  8. Robert Lavalette and Brenda Lavalette
  9. Loyola University Maryland
  10. Donald Moore Jr.
  11. Barbara B. Perry and Jeffrey Perry
  12. Stanton T. Smith '50
  13. Virginia Currier Stickney '43
  14. Barbara Boothby Wendt '44 and Frank P. Wendt
The Brad Garcelon, '61 Scholarship Fund
  1. Marcy P. Plavin P'77
Brian H.Wells '97 and Meghan L.Wells (Gullette) '98 Scholarship
  1. UBS Financial Services, Inc.
  2. Brian H. Wells '97 and Meghan L. Gullette-Wells '98
The Carol L. Stark '72 Endowment for Summer Language Study
  1. Jack L. Markey HC'72
  2. Kathryn L. Repta
  3. Edward J. Stark and Christine Stark
  4. Eliza H. Stark P'72
  5. Richard I. Stark P'72 (d)
The Carol L. Wollenberg '76 Music Ensemble Fund at Bates College
  1. Carol L. Wollenberg '76 and Daniel Kerlee
  2. Wollenberg Foundation
Charles Everett Whipple Book Fund
  1. Estate of Charles E. Whipple III '34
  2. Charles E. Whipple II '34 (d)
The Charles Hunt Kirschbaum Scholarship Fund
  1. Lisa Harvie McIlwain '83
The Charles R. Harms, M.D., '38 Scholarship Fund
  1. Heidi Harms Remy '74 and George D. Remy
The Chester and Louise Mosman Fund
  1. Paul McDonald and Gail M. McDonald
Class of 1959 Scholarship
  1. Louis B. Brown '59 (d)
  2. Alan L. Comen '59 and Joanna Legro Comen '59
  3. Alan L. Coykendall '59 and Betty Drum Coykendall '59
  4. International Business Machines
  5. Elizabeth Reid Rickey '59
The Colony Family Scholarship
  1. George F. Colony and Ann B. Colony P'12, P'17
The David O. and Carol H. Boone Scholarship Fund
  1. Dennis R. Tourse '62 and Robbie C. Tourse P'92
Dean James L. Reese Scholarship Fund
  1. Vaibhav Bajpai '07
  2. Piyapriya de Silva '99 and Ana de Silva
  3. Madhur Duggar '97 and Elena Atanassova Duggar '99
  4. Edward John and Patricia Rosenwald Foundation
  5. Nikolay N. Kostov '07
  6. John P. Murchison III '88 and Vanessa Murchison
  7. Minoo Malek Saghri '81 and Faraj Saghri
  8. Milko G. Todorov '01
  9. Jonathan A. Zanger '79 and Jodi Tan
The Donald W. and Ann M. Harward Fund for Community Partnerships
  1. Ann Frenning Kossuth '89 and James Kossuth
  2. Kathryn Tibbetts Gates '91 and Brant Gates
The Dr. Jason M. Tanzer Fund
  1. Catherine Tanzer
  2. Jason M. Tanzer '59 and Lois B. Tanzer
The Earle Travis Onque '52 Scholarship Fund
  1. Francine D. Abraham
  2. Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC
  3. Eris K. Cappelli
  4. Albert T. Cejka
  5. Anthony J. DiJoseph and Jennifer W. DiJoseph
  6. David M. Easton
  7. Robert D. Erikson
  8. K. W. Ferrall
  9. Sharon F. Field
  10. John Keates
  11. K. Sidney Neuman
  12. Joe A. Newhart
  13. Barbara F. Scruggs
  14. Mary C. Thomas and William C. Thomas
  15. Pat Vanderkraats
  16. Joseph W. Wesley and Rebecca S. Wesley
  17. C. Arthur West
The Edith C. and Raymond L. Kendall '19 Endowment Fund
  1. Martin D. Amlin
  2. Charlene M. Barton
  3. Amy C. Beal
  4. John C. Beaven
  5. Carol Stone Beyna '65 and Ronald E. Beyna
  6. Marion H. Bowman
  7. Mary S. Boyd
  8. David Chaplin
  9. Donald M. Christie Jr.
  10. Rita Costanzi
  11. Gloria S. Davis
  12. Robert H. Dean
  13. Jonathan Doherty
  14. Seth V. Fairbanks '97 and Chiharu Fairbanks
  15. Timothy M. Farley
  16. Robert L. Farnsworth and Georgia N. Nigro
  17. Joseph P. Fell III
  18. Roger Gilmore
  19. Paula Greenlee
  20. Alison E. Hale
  21. Marcia W. Hardy
  22. Robert S. Hertz
  23. Willard J. Hertz
  24. Herve A. Holly
  25. Randolph J. Howell
  26. Tomoko S. Ikemiya
  27. Frederick L. Jacobson
  28. Laura L. Knox
  29. Edward Kormondy
  30. Lincoln Filene Ladd and Gloria Williams Ladd
  31. Francis R. Lavenger
  32. Barbara Lister-Sink
  33. Carson Lutes and Chris Lutes
  34. Midcoast Symphony Orchestra
  35. James L. Moody Jr. '53, L.H.D.'01 and Marjorie E. Moody GP'12, GP'14
  36. Larry W. Moore
  37. Candice Poiss Murray '92 and Jim Murray
  38. Micheline C. Neveux
  39. Marcia Paulen
  40. Marjorie Poe
  41. Muriel A. Poulin
  42. Kirk D. Read and Camille S. Parrish
  43. Serena Rhinelander Stewart
  44. Sarah S. Rorimer '03
  45. Victor E. Rosenbaum
  46. David Schnabel
  47. Ann B. Scott
  48. David R. Scribner and Emily Scribner
  49. Elizabeth A. Scully
  50. Michael Sedloff
  51. Diane M. Shultz
  52. Sue A. Steck-Turner
  53. Janice G. Steinhauser
  54. Robert R. Strand
  55. Carl B. Straub
  56. John S. Strong and Sarah M. Strong
  57. Edward Z. Walworth and Candace C. Walworth
  58. Scott A. Woolweaver
  59. Michael D. Wormser
Elaine G. and Weston L. Bonney '50 Family Fund
  1. Weston L. Bonney '50 and Elaine G. Bonney P'80, P'81, GP'09, GP'12, GP'15
Eleanor L. McCue '25 Scholarship Fund
  1. Marian McCue
The Ellis W. Cole Scholarship Fund
  1. Jennifer Guckel Porter '88 and Edward S. Porter P'15
Emma Hunt Fifield Scholarship Fund
  1. Estate of Russell H. Fifield '35
  2. Russell H. Fifield '35, LL.D.'63 (d)
The Ernest P. Muller Book Fund
  1. Christine Holden
The Ernest P. Muller Scholarship Fund
  1. Ellen Muller Leonard '71 and Thomas Leonard
  2. Jonathan A. Zanger '79 and Jodi Tan
The Evelyn Everett and C. Everett Woodman '25 Scholarship Fund
  1. Daniel E. Woodman '80 and Susan Ellis Woodman '80, P'12
  2. Thomas G. Woodman '53, P'80, GP'12
The Fine Family Scholarship
  1. James L. Fine '65 and Marcia Lee R. Fine P'93, P'97
  2. Lauren K. Fine '93 and Michael Singer
The Frank and Ruth Glazer Music Scholarship Fund
  1. Marion H. Bowman
  2. Barbara Conover and David W. Conover
  3. Bill Dillon
  4. Donald Durheimer and Susan Reid
  5. Margaret R. Fischer
  6. Charlotte C. Hurley
  7. Laurie Kennedy
  8. S. Richard Kilbourne '67 and Ellen Master Kilbourne '69, P'97, P'00
  9. William N. Knox
  10. Margaret Taylor Nichols
  11. David W. Pike
  12. Marcy P. Plavin P'77
  13. Stuart A. Sanderson
  14. Leonard M. Schwab
  15. Rebecca Shockley
  16. Delanne Stageman
  17. Sawyer F. Sylvester Jr. and Sheila Sylvester
  18. Ellen M. Thorington '91 and Nicolas Renet
  19. U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
  20. Edward Z. Walworth and Candace C. Walworth
  21. Marjorie A. Whipple
Frederick Dennis and Clara Royden Hayes Scholarship Fund
  1. Anonymous (1)
  2. Patricia Hayes O'Donnell '67 and Patrick J. O'Donnell P'02
The Friends of Chicago Scholarship Fund
  1. Gordon Segal and Carole Browe Segal P'95, GP'17
  2. Segal Family Foundation
General Unrestricted Endowment
  1. Peter A. Dohlman '84 and Marlin Hamilton S. Dohlman
  2. Jungclaus-Campbell Co., Inc.
  3. Andrew J. Kageleiry '12
  4. Reto N. Morosani '02
  5. F. Timothy Nagler and Nancy Nagler P'05
  6. Stefan J. Palmer Jr. '99
  7. David H. Rabinowitz '05
  8. RBC Capital Markets Corporation
  9. Kathryn M. van Voorhees '01
  10. Richard S. Waxman '69 and Susan H. Waxman
The Geoffrey Charde '88 Memorial Fund
  1. Lawrence C. Hardisty and Mary Hardisty
  2. Irene R. LaMont GP'88
The Geoffrey Suess Law Traveling Scholarship
  1. Bruce L. Slaughenhoupt '82 and Sean Flyr
George and Dorothy Healy International Scholarship
  1. Kenneth J. Eisner '71
George E. Ladd, Jr. Scholarship Fund
  1. Helen and George Ladd Charitable Corporation
  2. Lincoln Filene Ladd and Gloria Williams Ladd
The Geraldine D. Smith '24 Scholarship Fund
  1. Estate of Geraldine D. Smith '24
  2. Geraldine D. Smith '24 (d)
Gertrude Conlon Swanson Fund
  1. Rebecca R. Swanson Conrad '82 and Austin H. Conrad
The Grant S. Lewis' 62 and Shari Lewis Thompson HC'62 Scholarship Fund
  1. General Electric Foundation
  2. Alan M. Lewis '67 and Susan S. Lewis
  3. Richard K. Parker '62
Hatch-Matheson Scholarship Fund
  1. Andrea J. Hatch P'87
  2. Mark J. Hatch '87 and Anne S. Hatch
The Hayes-Kinsel Scholarship Fund
  1. Arthur A. Hayes '60 and Sara Kinsel Hayes '61
Helen A. Papaioanou '49 Scholarship Fund
  1. Carolyn H. Burke HC'49
  2. Helen A. Papaioanou '49, D.Sc.'97
Helene Hirshler Book Fund
  1. Linda Hathaway Fisher Bunza '68 and Geoffrey J. Bunza
Hollis Scholarship
  1. Peter B. Hollis '63 and Susan A. Hollis
Honorable Vincent L. McKusick '44 Faculty-Student Research Scholarship
  1. Roswell B. Perkins LL.D.'88 and Joan Perkins
The Jack Pribram and George Ruff Fund for Student Research
  1. H. Thomas Diehl III '82 and Brenna L. Flaugher '83
  2. John K. Pribram and Hope B. Pribram
The James and Erika O'Brien Scholarship Fund
  1. James F. O'Brien Jr. '91 and Erika Kristin H. O'Brien
The James D. Blum Fund for Foreign Study
  1. Marian S. Blum P'80
James G. Wallach '64 Unrestricted Fund
  1. Leonard S. Gruenberg Jr. and Jennifer Gruenberg
The James H. Goldsmith '87 Memorial Scholarship Fund
  1. Elizabeth Fisher Goldsmith '88
  2. Philip W. Goldsmith and Carol Goldsmith P'87
James W. Carignan '61 and Sally Larson Carignan '62 Fund for Community Programs
  1. Sara Smyth Booth '65 and Rudolph Willmann P'90
  2. Sally Marshall Corngold '62 and Richard F. Corngold
  3. Lee E. Larson '59 and Katherine P. Larson
  4. Bruce R. Perry '83 and Rae Perry
Jan Soltis Tuttle White '65 Fund
  1. Jan Soltis Tuttle White '65 and Benjamin W. White
The Jane '37 and Milton L. Lindholm '35 Scholarship Fund
  1. David R. Ault '57 and Norine Ault P'85
  2. John L. Ault
  3. Peter L. Ault '52, P'82
  4. Franklin G. Burroughs Jr. and Susan Burroughs
  5. James F. Callahan Jr. '65 and Elsa H. Callahan
  6. Callahan Family Fund
  7. Richard F. Coughlin '53 and Norma Crooks Coughlin '52
  8. Thomas E. Delahanty II and Ruth Delahanty
  9. Robert E. Dunn '50, L.H.D.'99 and Gladys Bovino Dunn '51
  10. Christopher J. Fasciano '87 and Rebecca Stevens Fasciano '88, P'18
  11. Katherine Mincher Harding '64, GP'12
  12. William J. Leahey Jr. '52 and Ruth B. Leahey P'86, P'88
  13. William H. Leakey
  14. Natalie Shober Moir '63 and James Moir
  15. Margaret Taylor Nichols
  16. Ralph T. Perry '51, L.H.D.'09 and Mary Louise Seldenfleur GP'02
  17. Malcolm W. Philbrook Jr. '58 and Sandra Philbrook, GP'12, GP'16, GP'17
  18. Douglas A. Schmidt '78 and Deborah Thyng Schmidt '77, P'16
  19. Ruth R. Slovenski P'84, P'86
  20. Marion Welsch Spear '38, P'65
  21. Priscilla Hatch Stred '55
  22. Sawyer F. Sylvester Jr. and Sheila Sylvester
  23. Harry K. Warren and Judith Warren
  24. Lynn W. Willsey '54 and Beverly Hayne Willsey '55, P'79, P'81, P'89, GP'18
  25. Edmund J. Wilson '62 and Jean A. Wilson
The Jane A. Downing '65 Scholarship Fund
  1. Jane A. Downing '65
The Janina A. Longtine, M.D. Scholarship Fund
  1. Janina A. Longtine P'12
  2. Longtine Charitable Foundation Trust
The Joanna T. Skilogianis '86 Scholarship Fund
  1. Kathryn Gundlach Austin '86 and Sheldon Austin
  2. Claude Desjardins and Jane C. Desjardins P'88
The Joanne Lindberg and Glenn W. Lindberg '55 Endowed Scholarship Fund
  1. Glenn W. Lindberg '55
  2. Merck and Company, Inc.
The John and Sally Kelsey Prize for Neuroscience Student Research
  1. Stuart B. Abelson '97
  2. Robin L. Bitner '95 and Scott Sanchez
  3. Louis O. Douglass and Amy B. Douglass
  4. Russell L. Forman '84 and Sara F. Forman
  5. H.M. Bitner Charitable Trust
  6. ORA, Inc.
  7. Sanford Y. Paek '93 and Heidi Henrichs Paek '91
  8. Michael Sargent
The John B. Lawton Jr. '60 and Nancy A. Luther Lawton '62 Fund
  1. William R. Dewey IV '88 and Susan Luther Dewey '88
  2. William and Susan Dewey Charitable Gift Fund
The John Nolen Durkin '15 Scholarship Fund
  1. Anonymous (1)
  2. Alexandra L. Adolph '15
  3. Bank of America
  4. Paul D. Bosco and Diane C. Bosco P'16
  5. Kathleen Chisholm
  6. Citizens Charitable Foundation
  7. Jonathan C. Clark and Theresa Clark
  8. Leah M. Cole '12
  9. Steven W. Cole
  10. Communitas, Inc.
  11. Caroline H. Cramer '14
  12. Alison E. Dowey '15
  13. Stephanie J. Dumont and David Dumont
  14. Chris Duprey and Louise Duprey
  15. Daniel K. Durkin
  16. Thomas Durkin and Susan Durkin
  17. Robert E. Eberhart and Eileen Eberhart
  18. Dana A. Engle
  19. Peter V. Ferris and Amy Ferris
  20. Fiduciary Charitable Foundation
  21. Kenneth A. Fields and Maria G. Fields P'15
  22. Roderick W. Fletcher and Barbara Fletcher
  23. Olivia Frank
  24. Patricia D. Frank
  25. Elizabeth Fregeau
  26. Carl E. Gardner Jr. and Rosemary R. Gardner P'15
  27. Alicia Tierney Guinee '80 and Lawrence M. Guinee P'15, P'19
  28. Lawrence M. Guinee Jr. '15
  29. Robert K. Hallisey and Susanne M. Hallisey P'15
  30. Mark S. Harriman and Susan W. Harriman
  31. Kevin F. Helm '12
  32. W. Jeffrey Helm '76 and Cynthia M. Helm P'12
  33. David N. Hild '84 and Susan Miller Hild '84, P'15
  34. Daniel S. Hines '13
  35. Emma R. Israel '15
  36. J & L Engle Family Foundation
  37. Juniper Networks Company
  38. Henry M. Keeshan
  39. Richard A. Killian and Marjorie Killian
  40. Andrew P. Kukesh '14
  41. David S. Kurey '15
  42. Eileen Lam '15
  43. Kerri L. Leonhardt '11
  44. Caroline D. Lockhart
  45. Timothy P. Losik
  46. LPL Financial
  47. Colin M. Lyne '14
  48. Timothy M. Lyne '83 and Tara O. Lyne P'14
  49. Timothy J. Mardin and Cheryl C. Mardin P'17
  50. Christine M. McCall '11
  51. Claire C. McGlave '15
  52. Katherine E. McGrath
  53. Mary N. McGrath
  54. Kathryn H. Meade '14
  55. Constantinos G. Mokas and Elizabeth L. Mokas P'15
  56. Ryan Moores
  57. Robert C. Murray and Amy Murray
  58. William J. O'Brien and Susan O'Brien
  59. Warren G. Purdy and Leanne Purdy
  60. Patrick M. Quinn '12
  61. Naomi B. Rather
  62. Susan A. Rhodes
  63. Robert J. Rice and Julie Rice
  64. Christian A. Sampson '15
  65. Peter M. Sherwood and Sarah W. Sherwood P'14
  66. Jamie Slimmon Somes '80
  67. Pamela Fessenden Stearns '83 and Guy Beckley Stearns
  68. Elizabeth C. Sweet
  69. Olivia C. Tawa '12
  70. Frederick S. Tomaino and Elizabeth J. Tomaino P'15
  71. Matthew M. Welch '15
  72. Amy C. Wyeth '15
John R. Cole Prize for Outstanding Achievement in History
  1. Michael E. Jones and Judith A. Head
John R. Fuller Scholarship Fund
  1. Colin M. Fuller '69 and Robin K. Fuller P'00, P'18
The John R. Hester '75 Endowment Fund
  1. John R. Hester '75
The John Tagliabue Poetry Fund
  1. Catherine Hatton Attig '78 and John Attig
  2. Scott H. Balcomb '75 and Abigail Sanborn '75, P'14
The John Winston Levinson and Elizabeth Winston Levinson Scott Scholarship Fund
  1. James N. Hood and Elinor Levinson Hood
Jonathan Blair '89 and Tena Fishman '89 Frank Fund
  1. Capital Group Companies
  2. Jonathan B. Frank '89 and Tena Fishman Frank '89
  3. Schwab Charitable
Joseph S. Hunt '86 Scholarship Fund
  1. Ruth A. Sherman and Alfred Kaplan
Jou S. and Mabel Tchao Scholarship
  1. Jou and Mabel Tchao Charitable Gift Fund
  2. Jou S. Tchao and Mabel Tchao
The Judge Yale Matzkin Scholarship Fund
  1. Alan W. Potter and Gayle G. Potter
  2. Kimberly S. Segal
Lavinia Miriam Schaeffer Scholarship
  1. Vivienne Sikora Gilroy '48
The Little Family Scholarship Fund
  1. William E. Little Jr. and Helen Yuet-Yee Chiu Little P'01
Maine Scholarship Fund
  1. John T. Gorman Foundation
Marjorie Goodbout Hovgard '33 Scholarship
  1. Marjorie Goodbout Hovgard '33 (d)
  2. Ridgebrook Charitable Trust of Marjorie Goodbout Hovgard '33
The Mary Jane Wolever Sadler Endowment Fund
  1. John E. Sadler Jr. and Ami Sadler P'87, P'90
The Mary Sidney Staudenmayer Treyz '57 Fund
  1. Mary Sidney Staudenmayer Treyz '57
The Matthew David Arciaga '93 Scholarship Fund
  1. Lauren K. Fine '93 and Michael Singer
The Maung Maung Gyi Award for Excellence in Political Science
  1. Khin K. Gyi '75 and Bruce E. Enos
The Michael F. and Ruth M. Keenan Scholarship Fund
  1. James F. Keenan '61 and Sandra Keenan P'85
The Milliken Wade Family Fund
  1. Robert G. Wade Jr. '50 and Shirley K. Wade
Milton L. Lindholm Scholar-Athlete Award
  1. Robert C. Pool '70 and Regina W. Pool
The Morse Family Scholarship Fund
  1. M. Patricia Morse '60
The Myers/McGinty Scholarship Fund
  1. Sarah Myers McGinty '67
  2. Sarah Myers McGinty Charitable Gift Fund
The Nancy Lofstedt Clayton '53 Library Fund
  1. Ronald Clayton '53 and Dorothy Pierce Morris '52, P'79, P'81
The Nguyen Scholarship Fund
  1. Quan C. Nguyen '76 and Hao T. Nguyen
The Norman E. Bowie '64 Scholarship Fund
  1. Norman E. Bowie '64 and Maureen Burns-Bowie
Nowell Blake Family Scholarship
  1. Wendy Blake Nitsos '82 and James A. Nitsos
The Oren B. Cheney Scholarship Fund
  1. James F. Callahan Jr. '65 and Elsa H. Callahan
  2. Callahan Family Fund
  3. Gordon Segal and Carole Browe Segal P'95, GP'17
  4. Segal Family Foundation
The Parmelee Library Fund
  1. David W. Parmelee '64 and Arlene J. Parmelee P'94, P'04
Paul N. Carpenter '33 Scholarship
  1. Anonymous (1)
The Pellicani Family Endowment
  1. AT&T Foundation
  2. Linda Pellicani McClane and Michael McClane
Peter M. Goodrich '89 Scholarship Fund
  1. Willard C. Beckmann '89 and Anne Baldwin Beckmann '89
  2. Rachel Carr Goodrich '90
The Philip J. Otis Endowment
  1. Lauren K. Fine '93 and Michael Singer
Pierce-Munyan Scholarship
  1. Estate of Thelma L. Pierce '56
  2. Thelma L. Pierce '56 (d)
Plavin-Sakolsky Endowment for Dance
  1. Anonymous (3)
  2. Liliana D. Amador-Marty '91 and Frank J. Marty
  3. Bank of New York Mellon
  4. Hannah Bell-Lombardo '76 and John S. Lombardo
  5. Amy E. Burkhardt '04
  6. Alison Oakes Charbonnier '92 and Peter Charbonnier
  7. Susan E. Ciampa '72 and Demetri Sklivas
  8. Christopher M. Cooper '97 and Erin E. Gottwald '98
  9. Deborah and Richard Zawalich Charitable Fund
  10. Geraldine M. FitzGerald '75
  11. Lynda P. Fitzgerald '79 and Jeffrey Fitzgerald
  12. Michael C. Foley '89 and James Reese
  13. Diane M. Georgeson '79, P'14
  14. Amy S. Gordon '79
  15. David A. Greaves '80 and Lizette Panet-Raymond Greaves '81
  16. Mary P. Griffin '73
  17. Janet B. Haines '75
  18. Linnea Haworth Hallee '70 and Alan P. Hallee
  19. James A. Hurley '91 and Rachel L. Segall '91
  20. David W. Iverson P'01
  21. Anne B. Jepson '76 and Stephen J. Romanoff
  22. Gerald A. Lawler Jr. '68 and Jill Howroyd Lawler '68, P'98, P'03
  23. William R. Matthews and Paula D. Matthews
  24. Naleen Doughty Mayberry '76 and Bruce Mayberry
  25. Laura T. Medina '02
  26. OneBeacon Insurance Company
  27. David M. Plavin '77
  28. Marcy P. Plavin P'77
  29. Progressive Insurance Corporation
  30. Daniel W. Robarts '04 and Claire A. Schneider '04
  31. Celine Ward Rolerson '74 and Mark H. Rolerson
  32. Susan E. Rooney '91
  33. Janet Albright Ruckel '76 and Paul Ruckel
  34. Mark D. Russett '87 and Kristen Purdy Russett '88
  35. Anne Loewenthal Shain '81 and Eric B. Shain
  36. Deborah Weatherbee Shulman '76 and Fredric Shulman P'17
  37. Glenda J. Winn '74
  38. Sharon Saltzgiver Wright '83 and Kendall D. Wright
  39. Richard C. Zawalich '75 and Deborah Radding Zawalich '74
Post-Munson Scholarship
  1. Richard B. Munson '81 and Debra Post-Munson '82
  2. Peter B. Post '58 and Jane Anderson Post '58, P'82, P'87, GP'18
Presidential Fund for Financial Aid
  1. Timothy S. Rattray and Carol Lind Rattray P'11
  2. Rattray Kimura Foundation
The Priscilla Butler Memorial Fund
  1. Robert M. Butler '88 and Darcy Butler
Priscilla W. and Randall E. Webber Class of 1936 Scholarship Fund
  1. Carolyn Webber Nelson '62 and Bob Maiz
  2. Meredith Webber Stockwell '65, P'89
The Professor Atsuko Hirai Scholarship Fund
  1. Anonymous (1)
  2. Prudence J. Andrews
  3. Marcia L. Baxter '71 and Bruce C. Damon
  4. Gail L. Bernstein
  5. Estate of Atsuko Hirai, faculty emerita
  6. Frank Glazer D.F.A.'11 (d)
  7. David A. Kolb and Anne Niemiec
  8. Karen Melvin
  9. Timothy S. Rattray and Carol Lind Rattray P'11
  10. Rattray Kimura Foundation
  11. Thomas G. Rawski and Evelyn Rawski
  12. Jill N. Reich and Richard Glaser
  13. Pamela A. Ross '13
  14. Ann B. Scott
  15. Jennifer Allaire Shagensky '97 and Corey E. Shagensky
  16. Sawyer F. Sylvester Jr. and Sheila Sylvester
The Professor Leland and Claudina Bechtel Fund
  1. Ina Hanford Cottingham '83 and M. C. Cottingham Jr.
Ralph H. and Adah Tasker Tukey Scholarship
  1. Estate of John W. Tukey
  2. John W. Tukey (d)
The Ralph J. Chances Economics Prize
  1. Scott H. Balcomb '75 and Abigail Sanborn '75, P'14
Rayborn L. Zerby Memorial Fund
  1. Estate of Robert W. Towse '48
  2. Carolyn Booth Gregory '47
  3. Robert W. Towse '48 (d)
Reverend Shibly D. Malouf Scholarship
  1. Shibly D. Malouf Jr. '55 and Laura Anne P. Malouf
Richard J. Calcutt '65 Memorial Scholarship
  1. Andrea Buck Bartlett '65 and William N. Bartlett
  2. Judith A. Calcutt
The Richard L. and Marjorie Walther Keach '44/'46 Scholarship Fund
  1. Richard L. Keach '44 and Marjorie Walther Keach '46, P'70, P'77
  2. Alison Keach Shenkus '70 and Robert Shenkus
Richard R. Coughlin '53 and Norma Crooks Coughlin '52 Scholarship Fund
  1. Richard F. Coughlin '53 and Norma Crooks Coughlin '52
The Richard W. Sampson Lecture Fund
  1. Scott H. Balcomb '75 and Abigail Sanborn '75, P'14
  2. Mary C. Giglio '82 and Peter Ciesielski
  3. Jane Peterson Lawson '66 and Ronald N. Lawson
  4. Sysco Corporation
  5. Voya Financial/ ING
The Robert E. and Gladys B. Dunn Scholarship Fund
  1. Robert E. Dunn '50, L.H.D.'99 and Gladys Bovino Dunn '51
Robert Paul Ahern Scholarship Fund
  1. Joyce Dewey Darling '64 and Alan R. Darling
  2. John G. David '64, P'96 (d)
  3. Nancy Nichols Dixon '64 and Richard H. Dixon
  4. William J. Gardiner '64 and Pauline Grimmeisen Gardiner '65
  5. Jennifer Wingate Gilchrist '64
  6. Ronald T. Green '64 and Maria Green
  7. John E. Meyn '64, HC'63 and Karen P. Meyn
  8. Anne T. Packard '64
  9. Judy Tulin Parker '64 and Thomas J. Parker
  10. Meredith Ainscough Parker '64 and Craig A. Parker Jr.
  11. David W. Parmelee '64 and Arlene J. Parmelee P'94, P'04
  12. Paul D. Planchon '64 and Susan S. Planchon
  13. Kurt R. Schmeller '59 and Beata Claire S. Schmeller
  14. Eric C. Silverberg '64 and Rhoda Morrill Silverberg '64
  15. Stephen S. Talbot '64 and Sandra L. Talbot
  16. Tektronix Foundation
  17. Beverly Beckwith Walsh '64, P'89
Roger C. Schmutz '54 Faculty Research Fund
  1. Anonymous (1)
Royce D. Purinton Scholarship
  1. ProMedica Health System
  2. Arthur L. Purinton II '64 and Janet L. Purinton P'98, P'06
Samuel Brown '30 and Jennie Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund
  1. Louis B. Brown '59 (d)
  2. Richard H. Brown '63 and Marjorie M. Brown P'96
  3. Pfizer Foundation
The Sarah Trafton Memorial Fund in the Bates Morse Mountain Reserve Fund
  1. Arthur L. Edmunds and Susan Edmunds
  2. Peter G. Trafton and Frances Trafton P'02
The Shaw B. Wagener P'17 and Deborah J. Heitz P'17 Family Fund for Financial Aid
  1. Shaw B. Wagener and Deborah J. Heitz P'17
The Shirley Snow Nicolai Landscape Endowment
  1. Shirley Snow Nicolai '63 and Frank A. Nicolai
The Somes Family Scholarship Fund
  1. Jamie Slimmon Somes '80
The Stangle Family Fund
  1. Bruce Stangle Charitable Fund
  2. Bruce E. Stangle '70 and Emily Siegel Stangle '72, P'96
The Stone Family Fund
  1. Carol Stone Beyna '65 and Ronald E. Beyna
The Sturgis Family Scholarship Fund
  1. Randall S. Mathis
  2. Douglas S. Sturgis and Melissa Sturgis
  3. Jeffrey D. Sturgis '69 and Susan F. Sturgis P'93
The Susan MacNeil Varney '83 Scholarship Fund
  1. Nancy Foley Battaglino '83 and Adam Battaglino
  2. Carolyn S. Campbell-McGovern '83 and William McGovern
  3. Shannon Kenneally Coray '83 and John P. Coray
  4. Mark G. DeFranco '83 and Susan M. DeFranco
  5. Pamela J. Johnson '83
  6. Stephen M. McGuirk '83 and Shari Sagan McGuirk '83
  7. Denise C. Mooney '83
  8. Prudential Insurance Company of America
  9. Derek W. Richner '83 and Mary K. Terry '83
The Susan Majeski McKnight '70 Fund for Environmental Studies
  1. Scott E. Steinberg '86 and Sarah McKnight Steinberg '96
  2. Caroline H. Watson '13
The Sylvia Stuber, Walker R. Heap, M.D., and Lois Stuber Scholarship Fund
  1. Walker R. Heap '50 and Sylvia Stuber Heap '50
  2. Lois Stuber Spitzer '55 and Kenneth H. Spitzer
The Theodore I. Seamon '34 Cornerstone Scholarship Fund
  1. Kenneth B. Seamon & Jane A. Biddle Family Fund
  2. Kenneth B. Seamon and Jane A. Biddle
Thomas D. and Margaret A. Crumley Scholarship
  1. Margaret A. Crumley HC'52 (d)
  2. General Electric Foundation
The Thomas L. and Verna Geddes Morison '34 Scholarship Fund
  1. David B. Eastwood and Judith M. Eastwood
The Thomas S. and Virginia Day Hayden '42, '42 Fund
  1. Sally Day
The Vernon A. and Helen Pratt Clarkson '46 Scholarship Fund
  1. Helen Pratt Clarkson '46, GP'07
The Vincent H. Nelson Scholarship Fund
  1. Ralph A. Nelson '61 and Anne M. Nelson
Walter A. Lawrance Research Fund
  1. James B. Weissman '84 and Kyoko O. Weissman
The Walter I. Deacon, Jr. Scholarship Fund
  1. Ross I. Deacon '59 and Pauline M. Guenette P'89
  2. Steven G. Fittshur and Paulette E. Fittshur
  3. Paul R. Guenette '89 and Tricia Guenette
The William B. Thomas Scholarship Fund
  1. Andrew G. Baker '91 and Melissa Baldwell
  2. Clifford W. Baker Jr. '64 and Patricia Dehle Baker '64, P'91
William C. and Harriet Belt Nutting '41 Scholarship
  1. Allen L. Forsman and Harriet Forsman
William E. Arata and Charles P. Arata Memorial Scholarship
  1. William S. Arata '65 and Sally Jeanne T. Arata P'96
William H. Sawyer, Jr. '13 and Beatrice Burr Sawyer '18 Scholarship Fund
  1. Richard F. Hoyt Jr. '64
The Williams Family Scholarship Fund
  1. Alan D. Williams '64 and Sandy Prohl Williams '64, P'91
The Williamson Fund of the Andrscoggin Scholarship Endowment
  1. Kirk D. Read and Camille S. Parrish
The Willsey Family Scholarship Fund
  1. Schwab Charitable
  2. Lynn W. Willsey '54 and Beverly Hayne Willsey '55, P'79, P'81, P'89, GP'18