Export Control

“Export control” refers to a number of laws and regulations enacted by the Federal government to control or restrict the access of foreign nationals to sensitive technologies. Routine educational and research activities at Bates College fall within the educational and Fundamental Research exemptions within the Export Administration Regulations. Examples of activities that may not be exempted from these laws include but are not limited to:

  • Foreign travel in possession of Bates College technology, or research data not intended for publication
  • Acceptance of a research agreement containing confidentiality or publication restrictions not in accordance with the Bates College policy on Openness in Research
  • Acquisition of new equipment, especially equipment with a military or aerospace use, or receipt of drawings, manuals, technical specifications, etc. relating to same

Faculty anticipating any of the above are encouraged to contact the Director of SPaRC in order to determine what, if any, risks or licensing requirements may apply to their plans.