Bates College has a stewardship responsibility to the Federal government and other sources of grant support to ensure that grant funds are used reasonably and appropriately. This responsibility includes monitoring the use of grant funds and achievement of project objectives by subrecipient entities. Bates employs a risk-based approach to subrecipient monitoring, focusing more frequent and robust monitoring efforts on those subrecipients who are deemed to pose an elevated risk for potential non-compliance.

Please note that a “subrecipient” refers to an entity that receives a “subaward” to carry out part of a sponsored project. It is distinct from a contractor, from whom one purchases commercially available property or services needed to carry out the project. If you are uncertain whether an entity should be considered a subrecipient or a contractor, please review and complete this determination worksheet (to the best of your ability) and deliver to SPaRC. Since such determinations can have an impact on a proposal budget, it is preferable to make such decisions before submitting your grant proposal.

To enable the required risk assessment, all potential subrecipients must complete a Subrecipient Questionnaire.