Apply for a New Grant!

Most grant-making organizations require that Bates College submit grant applications on behalf of our faculty and staff. Others do not explicitly require this, but request information about institutional budgets and resources that require internal approvals. To facilitate and expedite this process, and make it easier for you to manage your existing grants, the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance has implemented the SmartGrant Grants Management System. To make effective use of SmartGrant, please follow these steps.

STEP 1: Do you have a SmartGrant ID? If not, or have misplaced your ID, or are not sure, let us know!

STEP 2: Are you applying for a Federal grant? If so, then you must have an up-to-date financial disclosure form on file with Aslaug Asgeirsdottir in the Dean of the Faculty’s office. Please complete and sign a new disclosure form. If you have already submitted such a form, but it is more than 12 months old, please submit an update. Failure to maintain up-to-date financial disclosures may delay submission of your proposal. (Because the form requests confidential information, we recommend hand-delivering it to Aslaug in Lane Hall, in a sealed envelope.)

STEP 3: Start arranging for the necessary institutional support and approvals. Issues that could delay submission of a proposal include but are not limited to: matching funds or cost-sharing; space availability; maintenance of new equipment; hiring new staff; human subjects, vertebrate animal or recombinant DNA research; hazardous materials or other safety concerns. Not sure who to go to? Contact SPaRC and we’ll help walk you through what you need to do.

STEP 4: Complete the safety questionnaire. Answers are sent directly to Environmental Health & Safety. If none of these apply to your project, no worries. If there are any concerns, EHS will follow up to make sure that appropriate precautions are in place to keep you, your students, staff and the general public safe—and, if possible, will follow up with SPaRC to make sure that they are budgeted for in the grant.

STEP 5: Write your proposal! SPaRC can assist with descriptions of institutional information about or resources at Bates, review and make recommendations on proposal drafts, and show you how to use SmartGrant effectively to develop your budget and make sure you’ve covered all bases in your proposal. See this presentation for some quick pointers on proposal preparation, and check with us for other resources.

STEP 6: Input your proposal information into SmartGrant. If you have difficulty with this step, please let SPaRC know ASAP, so we can provide all necessary training, reminders, and/or assistance.

For most proposals, in most circumstances, if you follow all the above steps, we can get it submitted in two business days or less. (For NIH proposals, we recommend having the proposal ready for submission at least four business days before the deadline.) Skipping these steps could result in further delays in the submission of your proposal ranging from 1 day (e.g. for SmartGrant data-entry issues) to as much as two weeks (e.g. on costly or complicated space or research compliance issues). In a worst-case scenario, such delays could result in missed deadlines.

Don’t let that happen to you! Get the administrative details out of the way first, so you can spend your time writing the best proposal possible!

Still have questions about SmartGrant? Check our FAQs!