Community Update from Health Services About Mumps

Students, Faculty and Staff:

Late this afternoon, Health Services confirmed three student cases of mumps on campus.

We are working closely with the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention to establish an appropriate response. In the meantime, we wanted to provide you with some information about mumps.

Mumps is a contagious disease, but there is no cause for alarm.

The vast majority of people are typically vaccinated in early childhood and the vaccine is effective in preventing the virus in the majority of cases. Further, Bates students are expected to maintain current mumps immunizations. It is likely that you have immunity based on your past vaccinations, but given the current situation you should be aware of the following symptoms.

Symptoms: Mumps is a virus infection which most often causes a flu-like illness with:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Body aches
  • Pain and swelling of the salivary glands at the angle of the jaw (the parotid glands). This gland swelling is a classic part of the disease. It usually resolves within one to two weeks.

Symptoms most often present within 12 to 25 days after exposure (more likely 16-18 days after exposure). Mumps is a virus and most people recover completely within a few weeks.

Transmission: Transmission requires contact with respiratory secretions or saliva droplets through activities like kissing or sharing of glasses or utensils. Please avoid these activities.

Treatment: Mumps is a virus treated with rest, fluids and pain relievers/fever reducers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. More serious symptoms of the mumps are rare. More information from the Maine CDC about the mumps can be found here.

Please watch closely for any symptoms. Students should contact Health Services immediately if they have signs of this infection. There is no reason for a visit to a doctor or for a test for those who have no symptoms.

If you are not certain that you have been vaccinated, you should contact your primary care physician. For those that have not been vaccinated, we have confirmed that CMMC Urgent Care in Auburn is prepared to provide you with the vaccination. If you choose to go to the CMMC Urgent Care, please inform the reception-staff that you are a Bates student or employee and are in need of a Mumps vaccination. The Urgent Care can also draw your blood and send it out for testing to determine your level of immunity; however please understand that it may take a couple of days to get the results. Normal insurance billing for the vaccination or blood work will apply. There will be a $78 fee for the vaccination and normal insurance billing for blood work will apply.

You may find this link to FAQs helpful. Please contact Health Services at 207-786-6199 with any additional questions.

Paige Pickard, DO
Medical Director
Bates Health Services/Central Maine Medical Center

Cindy Visbaras, RN
Associate Director for Student Health Support
Bates Health Services