Class of 1948

Class Secretary: Roberta Sweetser McKinnell, 38 Hornbeam Rd., Duxbury, MA 02332

Co-Class Presidents: Richard F. Daly, PO Box 465, Marblehead, MA 01945,; Richard F. Woodcock, 12 Beech St., Woodstock, CT 06281-3000

Next Reunion in 2008. Got news? Tap out a note to! George Billias has completed his book, Heard Round the World: The Influence of American Constitutionalism Abroad, 1776-1986, on which he has been working for 20 years. Researching it has taken him all over the country. Margaret has assisted him, and now the tables will turn as George helps her write a book on Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, the education reformer who introduced kindergarten to the United States…. Francis Briggs Stinson and Lemuel enjoy their 13 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Fran keeps active in church affairs and continues to swim at the local YMCA…. Brenton Dodge volunteers for a program that tutors children in reading and writing. He also participates in a program that mentors seventh graders “in their understanding of how the world was different when we were in seventh grade.” He also serves his church in areas of education, stewardship, and evangelism…. Fern Dworkin Cohn commutes between New York City and a vacation home in Montauk, Long Island. She is happy to report that her volunteer work with children who have HIV/AIDS has changed because, with newer treatments for pregnant women, fewer children are born with this disease. Fern also enjoys Elderhostel trips, most recently to Vietnam and Mali…. Barbara Fienemann Muise spends two days a week at the Ecotarium, an ecologically oriented children’s museum. She also kayaks and works in a botanical garden. She has taken a number of Elderhostel trips, including ones to Rose Island Light House in Narragansett Bay, Muir Wood’s sequoia trees, Chincoteague/Assateague, Gettysburg, and Williamsburg…. The longer they are in Concord, Mass., the less they are inclined to leave, say John and Pinky Planeta Gaffney. They volunteer at the local hospital…. Lori Lorenz Pederson and Donald have moved to an independent-living apartment. She is still active with church choir, reading with a kindergarten class, and serving as a ministerial settlement representative for the Unitarian Universalist Assn. She also finished a term as president of Second Windows (an Elderhostel alumni group in the Madison area.)… Royce Miller continues to do some part-time teaching of adults. He also does genealogical and historical research on the towns and families where he grew up in Maine. He has computer-published 17 books on the above topics thus far…. John Radenbaugh laments that Bates Reunion often conflicts with Dartmouth’s. Each year at Dartmouth, he presents an award in community service given in his name. Much of his career has been involved with migrant farm workers in New York, California, Oregon, and Colorado. This included two years of volunteer medical work with the United Farm Workers Union and Caesar Chavez. This was a high point in the careers of John and his wife…. Perry Schwarzer attended the annual V-12 luncheon this year. Usually held at a restaurant, the luncheon was on campus. The attendance was greater than usual, he notes, and wonders if it was the free lunch that drew people…. Phyl Smith Baldwin and Dick ’47 spent nine days in Japan in November 2002. Phyl is busy working on the town of Bremen comprehensive plan required of each town in Maine every 10 years…. Roberta Sweetser McKinnell is adjusting to life without Scotty after 53 years of marriage. She lives in an apartment in her daughter’s home and works in the large gardens there. She also travels a great deal…. Dick and Mary Gibbs Woodcock ’49 have journeyed to Germany the last few years, where they “baby sit” the grandchildren while their youngest daughter attends meetings. “Visiting the remains of old castles along the Rhine takes on a new perspective when viewed through the eyes of a 6- or 7-year-old,” they say.