Class of 1937

Class Secretary: Jane Ault Lindholm, 12 Nelke Pl., Lewiston, ME 04240-5318

Class President: Robert M. York, 15 Goodwin Lane, Orrs Island, ME 04066

Got news? Tap out a note to! The class is saddened by the passing of Arnold Kenseth on March 20. Just last year, Arnold published a new book, Seasons and Sceneries, that he said “brings an awareness of the varieties of ideas, a reach toward the deep mysteries around us, the experience of the richness of language in praise.” An interviewer with the Amherst Bulletin visited him last year and wrote: “Sitting down in the calm, cool tranquility that is Arnold Kenseth’s home, one immediately gets the sense of what Kenseth puts first in his life — people.”